Faith Poems

Faith Poem 1

My faith sways,
falters and rises,
daily it fluctuates.

Despite of my emotional condition,
I decide to stand on the rock that you are,
which is the best earthly position.

You are my firm foundation,
the lamp that shines my path,
the hero that rescues me from bad decisions,
and from facing a disastrous aftermath.

In you,
I deposit my trust,
and glory I give to you,
for re-writing my story
and for always being just.

Faith Poem 2

There is brokenness amidst,
shattered lives at every turn,
broken homes without amends,
but with God impossibles don’t exist.

He restores what is broken,
and heals acute wounds,
he fills every void lying at your core,
and grants you access to overflowing joy.

He is your rescue
when your strength caves in,
and becomes your peace
when all you feel is numbness
and are trapped in a state of decease.

Be confident and know
that your revival is on its way,
your miracle is on the horizon,
just rest in Him and pray.

Faith Poem 3

You are the light of the world
shinning over a sea of darkness.

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You are the salt of the earth,
positively seasoning distressed situations.

God’s chosen nation,
forgiven, free and highly favored.
That you are and more,
selected to be a world changer.

Take pride in who you are,
designed and created,
to reveal God’s splendor
and His nature.

You are a child of God,
walk in the light,
that you are.

Faith Poem 4

His working hand is active
in the background of your life,
despite of depression and sadness,
and the down pour of strife.

You may see disorder,
but God is setting things in order.
Removing what bounds you,
and adding blessings that improve you.

Trust the process,
you are being made whole.
He’s healing the very wounds,
that led your life to spiral out of control.

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