Family Trips to the “Out of the Ordinary”

Family Trips to the “Out of the Ordinary”

Odd & Noteworthy Places to Take The Family!The “Less Traveled” Places to See

Families don’t have to go far to see some amazing places in our beautiful states! There are unique destinations that are less frequented by the vacation-hungry crowd. Rarity and oddity add whimsy to the places we are highlighting below.

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If your family wants to go see something fun, mind-provoking, and unique, try looking down the road in your own state. Adventure can be found anywhere!

Odd, Unique, and InterestingYou may not need to travel far to see something that is picture-worthy. We have listed some quite unusual places to see by state (see below.) You can go online and search for more places to see that are located within your state.


Salvation MountainCalipatria, CA


Created by Christian Artist, Leonard Knight. This place bears witness of God’s love and displays the Gospel throughout. The flowers, waterfalls and more makes this a must-see place!North Dakota

“W’eel” TurtleDunseith, ND


Constructed by George Gottbreht in 1982. Over 2,000 wheel rims are welded together.


Coral CastleHomestead, FL


Started in 1923, Sculptor Edward Leedskalnin, and completed in 1950’s. The entirity is built from coral stone which Leedsckalnin sculpted into various shapes and forms.

North Carolina

World’s Largest DresserHigh Point, NC

Image: RED/CC BY-ND 3.0

Built in 1926 and was home of the “Bureau of Information” for the region. It was restored and stands as a symbol of this city being the “furniture capital of the world.” The giant socks are representative of the hosiery industry that is in the area as well.Missouri

Kansas City Public LibraryKansas City, MO



This unique library not only offers a vast variety of books to read Idaho

Dog Bark Inn Bed & BreakfastCottonwood, ID


If you are a dog lover, this is a great place to stay. Everything is dog-themed from the structure itself all the way to the furnishings.


Stata Center BuildingCambridge, MA

Image: CC BY-SA 3.0

This “whockyjawed” building is an office building.Texas

Hamilton PoolDripping Springs, TX


Breathtaking and a beautiful place to hike to, swim, or picnic. Well worth the trip.


Conestoga RanchGarden City, UT


A stunning place to camp with your family old-western style!Maryland

American Visionary Art MuseumBaltimore, MD


The art and exhibitions in this oddly blinged out place is definitely a “mind-flosser” with its odd displays. Note: some displays may not be suitable for children.

Make Your Own AdventureKids love adventure and planning a family outing, or road trip does not require doling out your life’s savings to end up at a tourist-packed destination.

Two examples of planning an adventure based around a theme:

Water⦁ Waterpark⦁ Boat / Ferry Ride⦁ Fishing⦁ Aquarium⦁ Ice SkatingAir⦁ Helicopter / Plane Ride⦁ Air Museum⦁ Airport⦁ Air Event⦁ Indoor Skydiving⦁ Airboat Ride⦁ Hot Air Balloon Event or Ride

Make the adventure fun and engaging where your children interact with the activity. A day of fun, mental and physical exercise and family togetherness makes the extra effort in planning well worth it.

Regardless of where you go or what you do, having the precious time with your family all together is a blessing indeed!

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