4 Kinds of Fears Every Christian Should Avoid

Kinds of Fears Every Christian Should Avoid

We all want to be fearless.

But the truth is, we cannot eliminate fear from our hearts; we can only rise above it. (1John4:18).

If we leave it to control our lives, fear will block us from living the life God has planned for each of us.

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It will cause us to hold back because we don’t want to be ashamed. We will live defeated lives because fear will overshadow our faith.

It is good to know the types of fears most believers struggle with so that we can recognize and deal with them accordingly.

Here are four common types of fear to avoid;

Fear Of The Unknown

You don’t know what will happen. Things look bleak. So many bad things are happening in the world today that the future seems uncertain.

You are fearful because you love being in control, but you can’t control the future.

Sounds familiar?

Well, you need to look to God and know that he has you covered. Submit to him and know that he has good plans for you.

Don’t allow the world to determine your future because seasons and times are in the hands of God.

Fear of Success

Success comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations. For example, you may have to interact with more people, move to a new place, or step into a new position.

Scary, right?

Okay, some people love challenges. But this may be hard for someone who enjoys working behind the scenes or is comfortable with their current position.

God wants you to succeed in every area of your life (3John2)

We serve a successful God, and since we are created in his image, we are also supposed to be successful. He promises us a good future, but that requires us to step out of our comfort zones.  

Don’t sabotage your success because of fear, let Jesus guide you, and you will overcome the fear of success.

Fear of Failure

None of us wants to fail in life.

But here is the truth; we all fail at some point, this is a fact that we need to live with.

Abraham, Moses, and Peter all failed, but that did not hold them back, and neither did God refuse to use them for his purposes.

Fear of failure will cause you to stop trying, instead of doing great things for God, it will cause you to back away from great opportunities.

If you find yourself struggling with this kind of fear, then it is time you face it head-on. Step out into your purpose, knowing God is with you.

Always remember that where God leads, he provides.  

Fear Of The devil

Some people make the devil bigger than he really is.

The devil’s real power lies in deception.

 If you magnify the devil to the point where he seems greater than God, yet he is just a created being, he will beat you black and blue at his game of deception.

Don’t deny the existence of the devil because that is what he wants us to believe anyway. He is real, but he is also a created being, and that means he is under Jesus, your Lord, and savior.

The enemy will always try to harm you, but he cannot succeed unless you let him.

Don’t magnify the devil resist him.

Soak yourself in God’s love because it drives fear away. While we shall feel fear in our hearts, we should not let it control us.

You have been set free; you are no longer a slave to fear.

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