Friday Prayers

Prayer for Good Friday

Heavenly Father, You are the ultimate embodiment of love. Your standards are so high that doing anything close to being worthy of Your notice requires Your help.

Lord, You are beautiful and marvelous. Your throne is set in glory, and mighty are Your ways. In everything, You rule, and in every way, You reign. No one else can rival You.

Father, in the beginning, You made us in Your image and likeness. We carried Your essence and nature. But along the way, being deceived by delusions of grandeur, we made the wrong decision and fell to ruin.

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In the first man, Adam, all people committed high treason against You and went contrary to Your will.

Prayer for Good Friday

God, we hurt You, broke Your heart, and set You aside for falsehood. But in all this, You saw what You originally intended and designed, and You sort to restore us to that state. I praise You because You never gave up on us.

Good Father, thank You for this day, Good Friday – a day we commemorate Your labor of love in sending Your only son to die instead of us. Lord, I’m grateful for this immeasurable sacrifice. There is no one as giving and forgiving as You.

Now I see the Lord Jesus Christ mounted on the cross, have given up his holy and glorious throne just to come down and die for me. What could be more humbling? And what could be more redeeming?

And a good Friday it is today as I see Your goodness, oh God of heaven and earth, in all its grandeur, overwhelming and consuming.

And as I attempt to praise You for this goodness, I find myself miserably short in my expression and affection. And all the more reason to give You my life because You deem me worthy of acceptance and renewal through Christ.

My Father and God, I will praise Your name forever in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Friday

Prayer for Friday

It’s Friday and the last day of the workweek for most, and I’m so happy to be alive today, God. Thank You for giving me the strength to stand, walk, and work every day until now.

You are the One who gives me inspiration, understanding, and creative energy. Everything I do will be utterly impossible without You.

And now, Lord, the weekend is fast approaching. I have some thoughts and plans for how it will go for me, but You know all things, God. So, before Saturday and Sunday, thank You for your thoughts and plans for me in advance.

Lord, people say that life is full of struggle. But my life is full of praise. From day to day, one testimony of Your goodness flows into the next, and I can’t quantify or adequately qualify all You have done for me.

Father, my eyes only see what is right in front of them. They don’t see behind the scenes all the miracles. You do inside my body, inside the minds of people You cause to favor me or with circumstances that could otherwise destroy me.

So, I set myself today to be glad and rejoice in You, remembering all the miracles You’ve done in the past – of course, just the ones my mind was aware of.

I’ll say even as ancient Israel said it: Lord, You are good, and Your mercies endure forever. And I’m sure there will always be a song in my heart for You.

You never leave me, so I bless You for wisdom, I bless for knowledge, I bless You for strength, and I bless You for joy. So today, I won’t let anything depress me because I will exercise my mind to remember that You are always with me.

One truth will remain sure forever: If God is with me, who or what can be against me? So, thank You, Father, for hearing me about Friday. In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray.

Prayer for Friday Morning

Prayer for Friday Morning

Lord Jesus, while You walked the earth, You went about the Father’s business tirelessly. No one could find fault with what You did, as all You did was good. Lord, You grew in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. I read of countless times when You woke up at dawn to commune with Your Father.

Lord, it’s Friday, and I feel tired as the week’s activities have finally caught up with me. Lord, I ask that You give me the strength to walk through today’s activity. I desire to walk in righteousness and goodness.

I long for the world to see Your light through me, Lord. Dear Jesus, teach me to have a quiet and humble spirit and help me find my rest in You.

I’m thankful that You have led me through the week. I ask that You help me finish today’s tasks well. I ask that You keep me from laziness and procrastination at work and help me sort through my business.

As I meet with colleagues, management, and customers, I ask that You help me be graceful and helpful. Lord, keep me from making insensitive jokes and comments. Please help me make meaningful contributions to my superiors and those around me.

I declare that I am the light of the world, and I pray to give life to those around me. Lord, I ask that you speak and work through me. I will show forth Jesus in my meetings and hangouts.

I pray for every hour of this day that they become tools for evangelism. Lord, I ask that nothing dies in my hands and around me today.

I declare that my words give life and hope to all around me. I pray for an atmosphere of joy in my workspace. Lord, help us work as You will have us do, with the whole of our strength.

At the day’s end, I pray that I would have walked with You, not my bidding. Keep me away from grumbling and complaining today, Lord.

Lord, I ask that You keep my heart still and resting on You, even when today’s tasks get overwhelming. I ask that I walk beside You as I do all I have today. Amen.

Friday Morning Prayer for Family and Friends

Friday Morning Prayer for Family and Friends

Almighty God, thank You for the breath of life. I rise this morning and praise You with all my being because I know that Your mercy keeps me going.

Thank You for creating me and putting me in this present frame of the timeline of all existence. Your plans are sovereign and cannot be corrupted. And at the end of the world of man, You’ll come out as on top as always.

Lord, there is a unique purpose for everything You have made, especially for human beings.

First, You commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and fill the earth with their kind. And with that injunction, families originated, and people multiplied throughout the planet, forming bonds as time passed.

In the same vein, I was born to my parents, surrounded by family, and have formed bonds with many people in my community.

Lord, I’m grateful for my family and friends. Thank You for blessing me with such an assortment of fine people to love and be loved by.

Today is Friday, and most of my family and friends are preparing themselves for a lovely relaxing weekend and maybe some chores. Lord, thank You for Your promises of protection. I know You will keep them safe in all their planned activities.

Again, Father, thank You for surrounding us with Your guarding angels so we can live safely to know and obey You.

Heavenly Father, help us preserve the ties that bind us in love and unity. Keep us one-minded together in Christ Jesus. And I pray this because I have family and friends who don’t yet know You.

Lord, I receive the wisdom and boldness to reveal Your truths to the loved ones You will have me speak to about You. I want so much that all of us can be with You here on earth and later in heaven.

Heavenly Father, it’s so good to talk with You. Thank You for answering my good heart’s desires in the name of Jesus Christ.


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