God Is Enough- Day 1 Of A 5-Day Devotional

Day 1

Job 13:15

Job 13:15 verse image

 Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him. Job 13:15

In the natural, it seemed like God had turned against him.

He was covered with painful boils. His wife had told him to curse

God. His friends were not any better; instead of empathizing, they condemned him.

But said even if God were to slay him, he would still hope in him. The situation had not changed, but that did not matter to Job.

God was more than enough for him.

Like Job, we need to come to a place in our lives where God is more than enough.

When life knocks us down, and we have nothing to hold on to.

When our family and friends betray us, and we have no one to turn to.

When we lose our jobs or businesses, and we have nothing to sustain us financially.

We need to know and confess with our mouths that God is more than enough.

Action Step

If you have been placing all your trust in your loved ones, job or business, or the government, then it is time to repent.

Place your trust in God because he will help you in good and bad times.

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