God Will Give You Double For Your Trouble

God Will Give You Double For Your Trouble

Sometimes you may look at your life and the lives of those around you and wonder what is wrong with you.  

There are those seasons when we go through a lot of trouble.

Times when the devil attacks us from every side and does not give us time to rest.

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Maybe you’re going through such a time right now.  

Instead of experiencing God’s blessing as you were expecting, all things are working against you, or they seem to.  

It could be that you’ve just had a miscarriage, you lost someone, or your friend has betrayed you.  

You’ve gone through a lot of humiliation, and you can’t handle the pain that is in your heart.

The truth:

We all go through disappointments.  

Some things in life try to push us down.  But you should not allow them to because God will give you double for your trouble.

See, the devil will try his level best to humiliate you so that he can put fear in your heart and discourage you from fulfilling your purpose, but you need to know that God is going to give you more than you had before.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself:

Get Up

Yes, you’ve messed up, and you are very ashamed of what you have done.  

Maybe people have disgraced you, and the last thing you want is to get out there.  

But here’s the thing, when you stay down after a setback, the devil rejoices because that’s where he wanted you to be before he attacked you.  

But when you get up, you cause him to be defeated and humiliated.

Yes, it may feel comfortable staying down when the battle is fierce, but it is not the best thing to do.  

You need to get up and keep ongoing.  It is not as easy as it sounds, but it is the right thing to do.  

The people who have made it in life are not those who stayed down but those who were able to rise above their shame and disgrace and do what God wanted them to do.

Fight Back

The word of God tells us that the violent take it by force.  

It means that the children of God need to fight and take that which Christ died for them to have by force.  

Look, the devil does not play fair, so do not expect him to feel sorry for you because you are down.  

He will do anything and everything to keep you there, so you need to fight back. (Matthew 11: 12)

But how do you fight back?

Through Prayer

Prayer not only gives us access to God, but it enables us to hand over our battles to him. So instead of trying to handle things by yourself, run to God and ask him to help you fight this battle.  

Remind him of his promises to you so that he can give you double for the trouble that you have been in.

With The Word Of God

Our heavenly father has given us his word as a weapon that we can use to fight against the enemy.  

When the devil lies to you that you are defeated, fight back using the word of God.

Remind the devil that you are forgiven and not just that God is going to give you double for every trouble that you have been in.

Even though Job had lost everything, he continued to believe in God. Job always responded in faith even when he had every reason to doubt God.  

In the end, God gave Job double for all the trouble that he had been through.  (Job 42:10)

 All in all

God is not a respecter of persons; the way he gave Job double for his trouble is the same way he will do for you.  

Keep believing and trusting in God knowing fully well that he will never let you down.  

Stand firm in his word and do not stay down when the enemy attacks you.  

Get up and fight back for Jesus has already made it to the finish line.

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