5 Habits Of A Confident Christian

Habits Of A Confident Christian

One of the best qualities that successful people have is confidence.

Confident people act, react, think, and work differently.

Successful Christians are not better than others; what makes them different from others is the fact that they place their confidence in Jesus. (Psalm 118:6)

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Now, imagine a world full of confident Christians that are not ashamed of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It would be great, right?

Sadly, some Christians don’t exude confidence in their spiritual walk. Most of us act like we are uncertain about our faith.

It is like we believe in the gospel, but we don’t believe in its power to transform lives.

The good thing is we can develop confidence in Christ and become successful spiritually, physically and financially.

But, it all starts by developing the right habits.

Here are five habits of a confident Christian:

Surrender Their Weaknesses to God

A confident person doesn’t deny that they have weaknesses; they acknowledge and surrender their shortcomings to God.

Insecure people will always try to pretend that they are perfect because they don’t want other people to see their weaknesses.

But a person who knows that their confidence comes from Christ will acknowledge their flaws.

Not just that they surrender those weaknesses to God because they know that God is the only one that can help them to overcome their flaws.

Meditate on God’s Word

God tells Joshua that he will succeed if he meditates on the law day and night. (Joshua 1:8)

Confident Christians read the word of God and meditate on it day and night.


It is through reading the word of God that they build their confidence.

The word of God is a love letter that our heavenly father has written to his beloved children.

When things are hard, scriptures become our source of encouragement, and when times are good, it keeps us in check.

Meditating on it will help you to know more about God, and you will always look at God as your source.

Fight the Good Fight

Confident Christians don’t allow situations to get the best of them.

They know that we are in a war and they are supposed to fight, so they do.

But most of all they know that they are conquerors because of what Jesus has done for them.

Rest In The Finished Work of Jesus

Insecure Christians look at themselves instead of Jesus.

A confident Christian, on the other hand, knows that it is not about them but Jesus, so they rest in the finished work of Jesus.

They know that it is only through what Jesus has done for them on the cross that they are free; without him, they are nothing.

Stop relying on yourself and look up to Jesus and what he has done for you at the cross. (Philippians 1:6)

They Focus on Heavenly Things

We belong to God, and confident Christians know this.

They know that this world and the things in it are temporary, but they belong to God, and therefore they have eternal life.

Focusing on what the world has to offer will make you fearful and anxious.

Learn to be eternity minded because the things God has planned for us we last forever and ever.

It is never too late to build your confidence. God is ready and willing to help you build your confidence.

Always remember that the best way to build confidence is by putting your trust in Jesus not in yourself and not in the world.

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