How Christian Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Being Overwhelmed

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How Christian Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Being Overwhelmed

Feeling tired and withdrawn lately?

Being overwhelmed is something business owners, including Christian entrepreneurs experience.  

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But here is the thing:

If not dealt with, overwhelming feelings, will stop you from being consistent and block you from achieving the results that you want.

Here are four ways Christian entrepreneurs can deal with being overwhelmed:

Don’t Give In

There are moments in business when quitting seems to be the next best thing.

But honestly, starting something new is not the best way to deal with overwhelming feelings.

Every business, whether big or small, new or existing one has its fair share of challenges.   

Note that:

Being overwhelmed is not based on truth; it is just a feeling.  So the best way to handle it is to take one step at a time.  

Allowing overwhelming feelings to take over will take you back to your comfort zone.

All odds seemed to be against Nehemiah when he was rebuilding the wall, but he did not give in.  

Instead, he prayed and used strategies that helped him to succeed in building the wall.   

overwhelmed christian entrepreneur

Do not shrink back or run away; find a way of navigating through overwhelm. (Nehemiah 4: 7-21)

Rise To The Occasion

It is not a mistake that you are an entrepreneur.  God has called you to represent him in the marketplace.

Even though what lies ahead may seem too big to handle, you need to stop focusing on what you can’t do and start dealing with things that are within your reach and capabilities.

Avoid Shiny Objects

Technology enables us to know how to handle our businesses.

The downside to it is too much information can leave us overwhelmed. It is easy to get caught up with different strategies and systems and fail to follow the right path for you.

Stick to the path that God has laid out for you as an entrepreneur. (Psalm 46:10)

Avoid Getting Ahead Of Yourself

There are so many avenues through which business owners can make money.

But the problem with that is entrepreneurs, especially those that are just starting, want to use every method successful entrepreneurs have used to rise to the top.  

Well, it is good to get inspiration from others, but what has worked for someone may not work for your business.

Get something that works for your business and be consistent with it.

It may have seemed like God’s redemption plan was not working, but he knew what he was doing, and when all that he had promised would happen.  

Find strategies that work for your business, and like your heavenly Father, be consistent with those strategies.  (Genesis 3:15)

It will not be easy, but keep going because God is on your side, and he wants you to succeed in your business.

In conclusion:

God expects us to honor him with all that we do, including our businesses.

But he also wants us to honor him with our bodies, and that means taking good care of ourselves.

Overwhelm will slow you down if you don’t deal with it immediately.

Refuse to give in to the feeling of overwhelm, always rise to the occasion, avoid shiny objects, and do not get ahead of yourself.

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