How Christians Can Have Productive Days

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Let’s be honest; it is becoming harder to keep up with everything that is happening around us.

People seem to be out there accomplishing goals and living their best lives. But the same cannot be said about us.

We keep struggling with productivity; the more we try, the harder it seems.

But the truth is how you spend your day matters a lot. (Colossians 3:23)

God created us to be productive; that is why we are his co-creators.

We are not in this world to get by or by accident. Each one of us is here to fulfill a particular purpose, and that means we have to be productive in our daily lives.

But how can we have productive days?

By Putting First Things First

The truth is, how you start your day determines how you will spend the rest of it.

Do you begin by scrolling through social media to see the latest gossip and what is trending?

Well if that is how you start your day you need to think again.

Plan out your day and begin by doing meaningful things first. 

This will give you momentum and help you to start your day on the right track.

Purposeful Quiet Time

Start your day by practicing purposeful silence.

Read your bible, pray, and meditate on the word of God. You can do this for ten minutes or even one hour. It all depends on your schedule.

Jesus got up early when other people were still sleeping and spent his quiet time in prayer (Mark 1:35). No wonder he was able to accomplish a lot within a short time.

Stop filling up your mind with gossip and things that will not help you grow spiritually, intellectually, or physically.

Start by praying, meditating, reading the word of God, listening to podcasts, or reading books.

Just Start

You have so many things to do the problem is you keep pushing the most important things aside because you fear to tackle them.

But what if you just handled all the work that you have?

Stop pushing things aside and start dealing with the essential tasks of the day.

Don’t wait for someone to motivate you to be productive; be your cheerleader.

See yourself doing these tasks for God and not for man, in doing so you will feel more encouraged to keep on going on however difficult it may be for you to deal with the issue at hand. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Now there is one thing that we as Christians need to know; we are supposed to be productive from the point of rest.

We don’t use our efforts to accomplish the things God has planned out for us.

We choose to rest in the finished works of Jesus, and in doing so, we end being more productive kingdom children.

So don’t strain so much because you want to please your heavenly father. He is already pleased with you.

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