How To Deal With Unbelief

How To Deal With Unbelief--

You have been praying and fasting about a specific situation for some time. You have tried everything, but things are not changing.

You’re beginning to wonder whether you have any faith at all.

You know all you need is faith as a mustard seed, and the mountain will move. (Matthew17:20)

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But this feels like a never-ending battle.

Why isn’t your problem going away yet you have prayed, fasted and quoted all the promises concerning that issue?


Could this be true?

Yes, most times when we have problems or a mountain we are trying to get rid of in our lives through prayer we tend to focus so much on the mountain that we forget to also focus on what is going on inside our hearts.

Focusing so much on the problem causes us to forget one thing that may be in our hearts, unbelief.

Faith and unbelief don’t mix.

How To Deal With Unbelief

You need to believe that God is able to do what you are asking him to do for your faith to work.


God rewards those who believe that he rewards those who seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)

So could it be that you have unbelief in your heart and it is hindering you from getting the answer that you want?

Look, no one is invincible to unbelief; we have all struggled with it at some point.

So how do we deal with it?

Know God’s Will About Your Situation

There are things you will go through that will seem too hard to handle that you may find yourself doubting God’s capabilities to take the problem away.

Don’t feel condemned for feeling this way, instead find out God’s will about your situation.


By reading the word of God.

It is not enough to quote the word you need to believe that what God is saying in his word is true.

Outside circumstances may seem more real than what the Bible says about your situation, but remember the word of God is spirit and truth. (Romans10:17)

That your problem seems so real doesn’t mean it is the truth.

Let the Holy Spirit for a more profound revelation as you read the word of God.

Believing what God says over what you see in the natural pleases God, and he will reward you for it.  

Believe In God’s Love

The best way to deal with unbelief is to know how much God loves you.

The reason most of us struggle with unbelief is that we think God loves us up to a certain level.

We know God loves us but only to a certain degree and much as we pray we don’t honestly believe that he will answer our prayers because we are not good enough to receive certain things from him.

But here is the thing:

God gave up his only son to die on the cross for you, not because you are a perfect person or you did something to qualify for his love, God did that because he is love.

Your heavenly father loves you unconditionally, and because of that love when he will give you anything according to his will. (1John 4:8-10)

Believe God loves you, and he is ready to reward you for asking and seeking him.

You’re not the only one dealing with unbelief, even great men like John the Baptist and Thomas dealt with unbelief at some point.

Dealing with unbelief will help you to get answers to your prayers.

So go ahead, read the word to know God’s love and His will concerning your situation.

Believe what it says, persist in prayer and stand firm in his promises until your answer manifests in the physical.

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