How To Handle Disappointment As A Christian [With Bible Examples]

What do you do when God doesn’t give you what you asked for?  

Do you stop reading the word, praying, and going to church?  

Or do you keep holding onto his promises and believing that he knows what is best for you?

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Most of us give up so fast.  We love quick fixes and see disappointment as a dead end.

But the truth is:

Sometimes God allows disappointments in our life so that he can develop our character and help us to grow our faith.  

Maybe it’s time you stopped complaining about that disappointment that you just went through and start climbing the mountain God wants you to climb. (John 16:33)

Examples Of Disappointments In The Bible


 If there is one person who went from one disappointment to another, it was Joseph. His brothers hated him because of the dreams he shared with them. And the fact that he was favoured by their father.  

They sold him as a slave. Though Joseph found favor with Potiphar because God was with him and he worked diligently, Potiphar’s wife accused him falsely, and he ended up in prison.  

It did not stop there. He interpreted a dream for the cupbearer and asked him to remember him, but the guy forgot about him for two good years. (Genesis 37, 39& 40)

Talk about disappointment after disappointment!

But here’s what we can learn from Joseph.  We should not fret when things don’t go our way.  Sometimes it is God in the making, he is just preparing us for great things ahead.  

Like Joseph, remain diligent in all that you do. Continue trusting in God knowing that whatever he has promised you will come to pass; however long it takes.


Moses is another biblical example of someone that went through disappointments.

Moses went through many challenges because of the Israelites. And at the end of it all, he did not enter the Promised land.  

What was the cause?  

The very people that he was leading complained so much that it got to him and he disobeyed God. (Numbers 20:1-12)

From the story of Moses, we can learn that sometimes life does not go the way we want.  

We might be hoping for something, but we may not get to see some of these things.  But even if that will happen, we should keep trusting God.


Even though Jesus came to his own people, they did not recognize him.  Even his earthly family doubted him.  

The people of his village Nazareth did not believe in him, they only saw him as a carpenter’s son.

But all this did not stop Jesus from doing his father’s work.  It did not discourage him or cause him to fall into depression.  

We should keep on doing the work of God even when our family and friends reject us. (John 3:38)

Let us focus on the bigger picture just like Jesus did because we know at the end of it all we are answerable to God, not man.

All in all

Disappointments are part of life.  

We should not give up when things don’t go our way.  God is faithful, he will help you to accomplish that which he has sent you forth to do.  

Remember you’re not the only one who has gone through disappointments.  

Even our Lord Jesus faced disappointments while he was here on earth.  If he went through that, then we shall also go through the same.  

But we need to hold onto the promises of God to the end.

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