How to Pray for Your Unsaved Loved Ones

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You love them, yes, so much. But your heart grieves whenever you remember that your loved ones have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal savior.

Every time you think about their possible fate in the afterlife, should they depart early (God forbid), your brain goes blank.

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You’re interceding for their salvation. But at times, you keep questioning the effectiveness of your prayers because there’s nothing much to show for it.

Could you have been praying amiss?

Probably not.

It’s God’s will for everyone to be saved (1 Timothy 2:1-4), so keep praying, you’re in line with God’s will. There may be little or nothing to show for your efforts, but rest assured things are shifting in the spirit.

Remember what James 5:16 says and believe that your earnest prayer will avail much

Here are some tips on how to pray for your unsaved loved ones:

Ask God to Draw Them to Himself

Jesus said to His disciples that no one can follow Him unless God draws the person. 

John 6:44 bible verse

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up in the last day. John 6:44

Jesus also said that he’ll draw men to himself after he’s lifted from the earth.

Do you know what that means?

Well, it means that it is God through the Holy Spirit that convicts unbelievers of their sin so that he can draw them to himself.

Instead of worrying, spend time in prayer. Ask God to draw your loved ones to himself. Do not give up even when they seem to be straying further. The enemy wants you to give up on them. Remind Jesus about his promise and believe that your loved one will be saved one day.

Pray for Their Mind to Be Opened to the Truth

You may have wondered time and again why your loved ones can’t see the truth, which seems so obvious. In 2 Corinthians 4:4, Paul tells us that Satan is responsible for their indifference.

He has blinded their minds and kept them from embracing the truth. Pray for their minds to be opened so that they may grasp the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.  

Ask God to Send Witnesses Their Way

Jesus said the harvest is ready, but the workers are few. He then encouraged those that were listening to pray that the Father may send workers.

It could be that you have been sharing the gospel with your family, but they have not been paying attention, and you’re becoming frustrated.

Be very careful. Do not start manipulating or putting your unsaved loved ones down using scripture. Instead, ask the God of the harvest to send workers to gather them. There are different ways he will do that.

Remember, our God is not limited. He can send workers through radio or TV, a sermon during a function, a gospel song, and so on.

You should also be ready to be used by God by not just speaking to them about Jesus, but modeling a kingdom lifestyle.

All in all

Knowing that God is interested in the salvation of your unsaved loved ones more than you should give you the motivation to continue praying for them. Their change may not be sudden because, among other factors, they have a choice.

But, when you persistently pray for them, the Spirit of God will continue working on them.

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2 thoughts on “How to Pray for Your Unsaved Loved Ones”

  1. My son needs deliverance. He completely strayed away from the Lord when was 17 yrs. old. He became involved with drugs, alcohol, women and bad friends which consequently landed him in jail several times. He is now an adult, 43, and wants nothing to do with the Gospel. By God’s grace and mercy, he had been gainfully employed in truck driving but is now starting a carpet cleaning business. He’s in my home for a short while.

    1. We are committing to intercede for your son. We pray for a total deliverance in his life. May the Holy Spirit work in his heart. In the name of Jesus.

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