Is There An App For More Family Time

is there an app for family time

Device Power Down

Technology may have made our lives easier, but it has had a negative impact on family interaction.

The days of “Norman Rockwell” or “The Waltons” are long gone, and the unity of the family is teetering on the edge.

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Can you picture in your mind sitting down at the dinner table in the Walton household and instead of being a part of the family conversation, you are on your device?

Grandma Walton would slap you silly!

As Christian parents and grandparents, it’s our responsibility to teach children that there needs to be boundaries when it comes to devices.

We too need to set the example.

How did things get so out of hand with devices?

As technology rolled around with devices that entertain, keeps us connected, and informed, the family dynamic shifted. The connected family became disconnected because attention has become directed to devices instead of one another.

Parents are just as guilty for allowing their own devices to devour their attention.

***Disclaimer: I am not against electronic devices. I think I own most of them lol. I just believe that there has to be a balance.***

It has become much easier to pacify a cranky or restless child with games or cartoons on the iPad.

Mothers are quick to use devices as a way to keep a child content and quiet during errands, riding in the car, dining at a restaurant, or going to the doctor.

What parents may not realize is devices are taking away our children’s ability to talk or have interaction with others effectively.

Statistics have found that 40% of adults spend 12 hours on a device per day whereas a child spends 8 hours on it a day.

There is very little time left for interactive play, reading, exploring the outdoors and being a kid free from staring at a screen.

Parents have become models to their children that being hooked to devices is acceptable and is the norm.

No wonder family life has suffered from the birth of cell phones, ipads, video games, and other technological devices.

Setting Power-Downs and Device-Free Zones

Do we as Christian parents want to allow our children to be bound to devices?

Each parent has their own philosophy of where devices should and should not be, but most will agree that there are places and times that devices should be powered down and not allowed.

  • At the table during meals
  • During church
  • During class at school
  • Devotional or prayer time
  • While driving a vehicle
  • When they have guests over
  • Bedtime

If you find that your children are not respecting the device-free zones, you can use apps that will intercept your child’s device and disable it during scheduled times.

Lastly, set the example for your children and respect the device-free zones by keeping your own devices under the same rule.

Families require time to be connected and interact without distractions from the outside world.

Time together is precious!

What are your thoughts?

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