It’s Time To Pray Sister!

How To Pray Like A Warrior In A Prayer Closet

its time to pray sister

Are you ready to do battle in your prayer closet?

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You can confidently go in with a winning attitude and faith that will move mountains and come out knowing the Almighty God has got it handled and has your back.

Intentional prayer is anchored with strength and determination.

Be as authentic as you can in your petitions before the Lord and allow it to be personal.


P – Petition with Thanks

Thank God for His abundant grace and for sending His only son so you can have eternal life. Share your gratitude in the blessings you have received and, for those, you will receive.

  • Thank you, Father, for the very breath my body draws yet another day.


  • Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayer and for your perfect will to be done.


  • Thank you, Father, for being the one and only true God above all gods.


R – Repent Of Sin, Confess All Sin

Let God know of any shortcomings or sin that you have in your life. Don’t only confess it, but repent of it turning away from what you have failed God in.

  • Father, forgive me of…(confess your sins)


  • Father, help me to have the strength to flee from the things that cause me to be weak.


A – Appeal To God With Requests And Needs

Make your prayer requests personal and specific. Prayer for others as well as yourself can be written on a list.

  • Father, I need…(let Him know your request)


  • Father, please help (let Him know the requests of people you are praying for)


  • Father, help me to be patient and to have unwavering faith that your perfect will be done.


Y – Yearn To Be Still And Hear His Voice

Give yourself time to just sit still in the quiet and feel God’s presence. In this of quiet, you will learn to hear His voice and instruction.

  • Be still
  • Read His Word
  • Meditate on His goodness

Nothing Fancy

God does not care if you pray eloquent prayers stuffed with scripture that flows throughout your petitions. There should never be anything fancy about being personal with Him while allowing yourself to be genuine.

As your prayers are answered, record them on a prayer list and post them in your prayer closet.

This will encourage your heart with future prayer. There is nothing more powerful than going to battle in prayer as the enemy buckles under defeat!

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