John 8:36

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If therefore the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. – John 8:36

John 8:36

Spiritual Thought

Only those under bondage need freedom, and only a liberator can make one free. So let’s address this thought for a bit.

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There’s a difference between a freeman and a liberator. A freeman is not bound by any form of rule or oppression and has the privilege of making his own choices. However, a liberator is not just free but burdens himself with the task of setting others free. The Son is the liberator.

We were all born into this world to find ourselves under the bondage of sin. The sin of our ancestors fell on us, and we also found ourselves in the webs of our own misdeeds. And in this world, you are either a slave to sin or free in righteousness.

The Son, an epithet for our Lord Jesus, has a dual connotation. Firstly, it refers to the deity of Jesus Christ as being the only begotten son of God the Father. Secondly, it signifies his humanity, as a man born of a woman like everyone else. This dual expression of Jesus as the Son makes him the suitable character for the liberation of mankind.

We need an individual who could serve as a tether linking a holy God to sinful humanity. Mankind required salvation, and we needed a son of ours to bring us our liberty. And God the Father who so desperately wanted to save us had to send his son to furnish his plans.

Consequently, we have this prototype personality, the Son, who has all the authority and power to make our freedom a reality. This is the mystery of our freedom. This is why we are free indeed.


Dear God, we thank You for the gift of freedom that we have in Jesus Christ. Your Word says that because of Jesus, we are free indeed.

We acknowledge that without Him, we would still be enslaved to sin and death. Today we pray that Your Holy Spirit would continue to work in our hearts and minds, helping us to fully embrace the freedom that Jesus offers us.

May we live each day in the knowledge that we are free indeed, and may we use our freedom to serve and love others. We pray for those who are still in bondage to sin, that they would come to know the freedom that can only be found in Jesus. In His name, we pray, Amen.

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