Let Your Light Shine for Christ

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Let Your Light Shine for Christ

We all have unique callings.

So it doesn’t matter how your life is right now, God has amazing plans for you.

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There is so much that you need to do child of God because God wants your light to shine (Matthew 5:15-16).

But here is the thing:

The devil doesn’t want you to live your best life, so he will try to dim your light.


It is becoming harder for Christians to shine because the things of this world seem easy and fun.

Today, most Christians are dimming their lights and settling for the things that the kingdom of darkness is offering to them.

Don’t let that be you. There is a lot of sorrow that is attached to the kingdom of darkness.

Yes, they seem easy and fun to have them, but the fun is short-lived because the enemy’s goal is to destroy us.

The blessings of God may take long to manifest, but they bring joy, and He adds no sorrow with them.

Whether you are at home, work, school, or in the market-place, you need to shine where God has placed you.

But how do we let our light to shine?

Let Jesus Be Your Lord

The number one way to do that is by allowing Jesus to be Lord over your life.

Making Jesus, the Lord of your life means surrendering your whole life to him.

It means that you have to stop living for self and start living for him. Listen to the Holy Spirit and be a light in this dark world. (1 Samuel 12:24)

It does not mean that everything will be easy, but life will become more meaningful when you live it according to God’s plan.

Put Yourself Out There

You cannot shine in hiding; you need to put yourself out there.

Introverts may find this to be more challenging. But we all need to shine in the world.

That means getting out of our comfort zones and doing what God has put in our hearts.

Putting ourselves out there starts when we cultivate relationships with different people and bring them to Christ.

Let Your Light Shine Through Your Actions

Today many people are compromising the word of God to fit in.

But God’s word tells us that what we see with our natural eyes is just temporary. We need to be kingdom-minded because it is only in doing so that we will do what is right before God.

Don’t do what every other person is doing; do what the word of God says. (1 John 1:5-9)

Doing what is right will make you stand out. Lost people will see that you are different from them.

They will want to know what makes you different so that they can also become like you.

Think About Others

It is easy to end up being self-serving, but God wants us to serve others. (Mark 9:35)

It is not easy, but by God’s grace, we will be able to make a difference in people’s lives and be the light that attracts people to Jesus.

Remember shining your light is not about you; it is about you pointing people back to Christ. Now go out there and let your light shine for Christ.

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