Living Courageously

With so many bad things happening, many people, including believers in Christ, are living in fear.

We have allowed anxiety and uncertainty to cloud our minds, and it is becoming hard to know what to do next.

But with all that is happening around us, we cannot afford to live according to our feelings.

We need to start living courageously through faith.

As the rest of the world is caught up in fear and anxiety, the children of God should live courageously because we serve a powerful God.  

This doesn’t mean that we should ignore all that is happening around us.  

If anything, we should acknowledge the good, bad, and ugly and still live courageously.

But how do you start living courageously in a world that is full of fear?

Stand Firm In The Word

See, unlike the rest of the world, Christians can live courageously because God has promised us good health, protection, and love for the rest of our lives.

But to be courageous, you need to stand firm in the word of God.

Live knowing that what God has promised you will come to pass.  It doesn’t matter how long it will take.

God is never late.

Standing firm in God’s word even when things don’t make sense is a sign that we trust God completely, and this pleases him greatly.  

The word of God is a powerful weapon.  

We should use it to fight against fear, anxiety, and the lies of the enemy.

So when fear creeps in and it will turn to the word of God.

Meditate on it until it comes alive on the inside and put it into practice.

Embrace Who You Are

Most of us are not living courageously because we have not embraced who we are.  

We have allowed the world to define us and, as such, have ended up living in fear and doubt.

To be courageous, you need to embrace who you are in Christ.  

Forget what has been said about you and start focusing on who God says you are.  

It may take longer for you to reach that point of being courageous, but no matter what, choose to stand firm and embrace your identity.

Be Rooted In Christ

We cannot live courageously without Jesus.  

The world may have you believe that life is possible and fun without Jesus, but remember Jesus said without him, we can do nothing.  

For you to bear fruit and live in contentment, you need to be rooted in Jesus.

There will be times when your faith in Christ will be challenged by people or situations but remain rooted in him.

How do you do that?

By reading the word so that you can know who Jesus is and how to relate with him.  

You also need to pray without ceasing so that you can be in constant communication with Jesus.

In conclusion:

Courage doesn’t mean a lack of adversities and challenges.

There will be moments in life when we will go through hard times.  

But as God’s children, we need to be willing to face all that comes our way with boldness.

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