Making Business Decisions In Faith

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Making Business Decisions In Faith fb

Business decisions can be frightening and challenging.

At times we are left confused because of the hard decisions we have to make.

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But it should not be that way.

As Christian entrepreneurs, we need to involve God in our businesses the same way we include him in other areas of our lives.

The impact you’re making through your business is a means through which God is touching lives in the world.

So you should not separate God from your business.

He’s the one who has given you the ability to produce wealth through that business. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

Are you still confused about making decisions in faith?

Here is why you should involve God in your business decision-making process:

God Knows What Is Best

With a lot of information out there, it is easy for one to chase after different expert advice and forget the most important thing, God’s direction.

Here’s the thing:

God wants you to involve him in everything you do in your business because He knows what is best for your business.  

It is okay to get advice from other people who are already successful in the industry, but it is better to get direction from God first because He is all-knowing.

Peter and his friends had been fishing the whole night, and they caught nothing.  

According to world standards, they were experts in fishing. So they knew how to fish.  

Jesus, on the other hand, was just a carpenter’s son.

To the human mind, he knew nothing about fishing.

But Jesus knew where to get what they had been looking for the whole night.  

All things were created through him and for him. (Luke 55-6)

Stop going in circles and run to Jesus for help.

You Become More Confident

Praying over every decision is a way of telling God that we are letting go and letting Him handle our businesses.

Involving God in decision-making may be hard in the beginning, but as time goes on, you’ll find it easier to turn over your problems to God instead of handling them yourself.  

Instead of running to experts, you’ll find yourself running to God first before you take any step in your business.  

The more you trust God with your business, the more confident you become, and you’ll end up becoming very successful in your endeavors as a business person.

God Expects You To

We are told in the Bible to trust God and acknowledge him in all things that includes our business. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

God helped people like Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Nehemiah to succeed in their ventures.  

He is the same God we serve today. Our heavenly Father never changes.

We should trust in God the way these great men of God did, and he will make us be successful business people.

Remember that in everything we do, we should do it as unto God and not man.

To sum it up:

It is not easy for one to run a successful business.

While many people, including Christians have separated their faith from their businesses, we should run our businesses as unto God because He is the one that has called us into the market place.

When faced with any business decision run to God because he knows what is best for you, He expects you to, and will help you to become more confident in your ventures.

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