Mother’s Prayer For Daughter Moving Away From Home

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Dear Lord, I thank You for all of the daily benefits that tell me of Your love for me. I see Your love, grace, and mercy in everything that You have placed around me, and I realized that although I am not worthy, You have called me Your own.

I have only a speck in creation, but You have studied every detail of my life. You treat me like a princess and the apple of Your eyes, and I am in awe of Your care for me.

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Mother's Prayer For Daughter Moving Away From Home

Lord, I am thankful for the gift of family and children; they make my life colorful and beautiful. I thank You that everyone in my home has come to know You as Lord and Father. You have adopted every one of us into Your family, and You have carried us in Your arms like little children.

I am thankful for my baby girl, who is starting a journey into making her own home today, and I am grateful for all she has been through in her life’s journey. I see that she has become a godly and beautiful woman.

This is a victory that You won, Lord. I thank You for drawing her with Your love and teaching her to trust in You with all of her heart.

Lord, I have mixed feelings as I think that she is leaving home to start making her, but I am at peace because You will always be with her. I know that she will be good in the days to come because she has Your presence to guide and keep her.

I pray that as she goes to start a home today, You will be the root of her marriage. I ask that in the coming days, You will remind her to rely on and trust in You, even when it seems as though she can handle the storms with her strength. I pray that You will give her a happy and peaceful home.

Lord, I ask that You will teach her to be humble and submissive to her husband as You teach him to love and listen to her. I ask that their marriage will be an example of a Christian home to everyone around them, and when they are weary and beaten, I pray that Your strength will minister to them.

Dear Lord, I ask that You will help them to prefer each other above themselves in their marriage, and You will take away thoughts of anger and bitterness from them. Lord, I pray ahead of them for the rough seasons.

I ask that You will help them to be open and humble in those times. I ask that You will help them to refrain from being hurtful in their speech as they address issues in their marriage, and You will help them to keep the balance in speaking the truth in love.

Lord, I pray that You will help my daughter to be a wise woman that secures her home. I pray that You will open her eyes to skills that will benefit her husband and her home.

Fill her heart with gracious words that will be right for every season, and help her to find happiness in service. Lord, above all, I ask that You will help her never to shift her gaze from You as she journeys through her marriage. Amen.


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