Overcoming the Pressure to Compromise God’s Word

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There are those moments in our Christian walk when we are pushed to set aside God’s word so that we can do some things without feeling guilty. 

It may seem to work but only for a while because after we are done engaging in that activity, the devil comes and bombards our minds with condemning charges.

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Challenging as it may be, we need to stand firm in the word of God, especially in this era, when people are justifying wrong things and fighting against the right things.

We need to keep standing firm in the word of God. (2 Timothy 3)

No, it will not be easy, you will be mocked and even rejected but remaining true to the word is the best decision you can make in life.

But how do we overcome the pressure?

By Standing Firm

Standing firm when all odds are against you may seem hard, but we are told to do so.

Like Jesus, we should let the word of God guide us and be our standard.

People will judge you, especially when they realize that you are not willing to do what is popular or what seems cool. You, however, need to stand firm and follow what the word of God says. (Ephesians 6:13)


Yes, it is hard to rest when there is a lot of pressure, but we are told to strive to enter that rest.

Jesus Christ was crucified so that we can live a life of rest, but the devil wants us to have troubled hearts so that he can steal our peace and bring havoc in our lives.

Don’t accept that, rest in what Jesus has done for you. (Hebrews 4:1-3)

Surrender all the pressure that you are feeling to Jesus and lean on Him for strength. The Lord will help you to stand firm in the word even when things are difficult.

Focus on Eternity

We tend to succumb to pressure because we lose focus of eternity and start focusing on the temporary things.  

We mostly do this when we feel that we are missing out because of following the word of God faithfully.

But when we set our minds on eternal things, we end up being grounded in the word of God because we know that therein lies the truth and also the promises that God has made about eternity.

As you read the Bible and become eternal minded, you end up having a deep desire for godly stuff, and it becomes hard to compromise the Word of God because you know the treasures that await you in heaven.

It is becoming easy for Christians to compromise the word of God.

The world is filled with so many pleasurable things that can make us crave for instant gratification. But standing firm and knowing that what God has promised us will happen enables us to keep on pressing forward with the Word of God.

Always remember that you are not promised an easy life here on earth. But all the hardships you are going through are just for a short while compared to eternity.

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