Poem: For Someone Having Surgery

Poem For Someone Having Surgery

Are you having surgery or know someone that is? Well, we hope this poem blesses you as you or someone you knows goes thru this process.

There are moments in life

when much trust is required,

moments such as these,

where the magnitude of my faith

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is dependent on the dissipation of my fears.

With spiritual eyes opened wide,

I release myself from all doubt

as faith manifests and abounds.  


I decide to stand unshaken,

declaring that God is in control,

declaring that my life is protected,

in mind, body and soul.

I entrust my body to foreign hands,

believing that it is you working through them—

the great I AM.

Come and invade my mind with peace,

and flood my heart with comfort,

as I let go and let you take the lead.

I smile and rejoice,

bearing the expectation of an encounter,

with heavenly restoration

and God's divine healing power.

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