Poems For Women

Daughter of a King Poem

Never dim your brightness
to accommodate others,
you are loved and accepted
by the one residing above us.

You are a daughter to a king,
and kingdom access you’ve been granted,
to walk in your purpose,
serving others with your gifts and countless talents.

Keep shinning on,
as the daughter of God that you are.
Keep inviting the spirit to flow through you
and shine bright in the darkness like a star.

Seeking Your Grace Poem

Empty handed,
here I am,
seeking for your grace.

The kind of grace that links,
the scattered pieces of my soul,
into their designated place.

I view the residue of my pain from a distance,
like spilled paint on the floor,
something about it glistens.

It slowly spreads,
resulting in a lively mess…
and then it all makes complete sense.

That my mess will become a message,
and my pain will be a platform.
For everyone to witness,
your transformative power.

I am Free Poem

You are not lost,
you are saved,
strip yourself from worry,
you are not a slave to shame.

You are free,
and not bound,
to the prison of your sin’s sound.

You are not cursed,
but rather blessed,
in the presence of His spirit,
you will find serene rest.

Poems For Women 4

Your love,
like an ocean,
endless and deep,
in it I drown my sorrows,
for its your peace that I need.

Listening intently to the sound of your voice,
diving in deeper to the song in my soul.
A song that contains hurt and hunger pains,
pain that was birthed outside of your domain.

Now it’s you and me, oh Lord,
for I believe in your goodness,
and I’ll continue to dive in the presence of your love,
till I receive healing and feelings of wholeness

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