8 Powerful Prayers For Daughters

Prayer For Daughter’s Protection

Dear Lord, I appreciate You for Your marvelous works in my life. You have protected my family and me from various plots and schemes of the evil one.  I thank You for the privilege of being a parent to a beautiful gem.

I ask, Dear Father, that You continue to protect her from every evil. I pray she continues to experience Your unique love for her at all times. Help her never to doubt Your love.

Guide her each step of the day and keep her from wavering in the dark seasons of her life. Remind her of Your ever-abiding presence when she passes through deep and deadly waters.

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Lord Jesus, I pray that she never forgets that You are the Father that is always a prayer away. Lord, keep my dear child safe and secure in Your arms forever.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer For Daughter's Protection

Prayer For Pregnant Daughter

Dear Lord, I thank You for Your presence in my family. I thank You for the blessing of family and friends.

Although You created man and instructed him to multiply and fill the earth, You have also given us the power to raise godly offspring, patterning our lives after Christ.

I praise You for the beautiful work, which You have begun in my daughter’s life. Thank You for the little bundle of joy that is about to come into our family through her.

I ask for grace and strength through this period, and I pray for a hitch-free pregnancy and delivery.

Lord, I pray for a bountiful supply of all her needs, stability of her emotions, and protection from all harm.

Dear Lord, I pray that You direct and guide everyone who will help in the delivery process, and throughout this period, I pray that You take all the glory.


Prayer For Pregnant Daughter

Prayer For Sick Daughter

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the manifold blessings that I enjoy daily. You have been faithful to me at every point of my life and blessed me with this wonderful girl.

Lord, it pains me to watch her this way; she looks so weak and fragile. Dear Father, please make my girl solid and healthy again.

Your Word says that healing is Your children’s bread, and by Your stripes, we are healed; I stand on these promises and trust You completely to work a miracle in our lives.

I thank You for always working out our lives according to the plans that You have for us.

Lord, please help us trust You through this time. I believe that You will pull us through without losses. I thank You, Lord, for being a Father and a Friend.


Prayer For Sick Daughter

Prayer For Daughter’s Husband

Heavenly Father, You have been my shelter and hiding place for the entirety of my life. I thank You for the manifold blessing that You have lavished upon my family.

I thank You for my daughter’s family and the wonderful husband You have given to her. Lord, I pray that You bless him and cause him to prosper in all his ways.

Show Yourself to him in his darkest hours and bring helpers to lighten his burdens. Lord, I pray that you show up and work miracles in times of difficulty and need.

I pray that You sustain his health and give him fresh ideas for his work. Lord, I ask that You keep the family in perfect peace and satisfy them with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places.

I pray that You help them to turn to You entirely in all times and seasons.


Prayer For Daughter's Husband

Prayer For Father-Daughter Relationship

Heavenly Father, I thank You for teaching me the Father’s love. I realize that You are not just large and all-powerful, but You care for my every need.

I thank You for putting this amazing girl in my care and giving me the chance to express Your love.

Dear Father, I come before You with a heavy burden, and I admit that I am clueless and have no idea how best to love my little girl.

However, I believe that Your Holy Spirit will guide me into the truth of developing the best relationship with my daughter.

Heavenly Father, please give me the courage to trust You and lead me to build the right kind of relationship.

Lord, I ask that You help me guide my dear one into an ultimate connection with You and help her flourish in other relationships. Help me love and cherish her as You do.


Prayer For Father-Daughter Relationship

Prayer For Daughter’s Marriage

Dear Lord, You have been faithful in Your dealings with me.

You have kept Your promises over my life and family, and when the journey was arduous and unbearable, You showed up and worked wonders.

I thank You for the beautiful time I have spent with my dear girl. She has been a source of blessing and comfort to me. Lord, I pray that You keep watch over her as she ventures into marriage.

I pray that You guide her husband aright and help him love her as much as You do.

I pray that You lead them to You when the journey gets harsh and unbearable.

Dear Father, teach her husband to love her and be patient with her. Help him, Lord, to be a pillar in the home.

And Lord Jesus, bless them immensely, keeping them in perfect peace.


Prayer For Daughter's Marriage

Prayer For Disobedient Daughter

Dear Lord, I thank You for being my mainstay and hope. You have been a Comforter and Friend to me, and a Guide through the turbulent and dark waters.

I thank You for the gift of my family and especially my daughter. I thank You, Lord, for all the beautiful promises You have given concerning her life and purpose.

Children are gifts from You and powerful tools for Your use. Therefore, Lord, I hand her back to You; she is strong-willed and disobedient, and yet she is Yours.

I pray that You will turn her heart back to You and create an insatiable hunger to know You within her.

Lord, I am out of my depth and do not know how to show her Your love, but I trust that You are working Your will in her life.

Dear Father, I pray that You take the glory in my precious girl’s life, now and forever.


Prayer For Disobedient Daughter

Prayer For Prodigal Daughter

Heavenly Father, You are so perfect and excellent in all of Your ways, yet you are mindful of us.

You are an ideal example of a Father that accepts a wasteful and prodigal child without reproach.

Dear Lord, teach me to love my daughter, even as she passes through this rebellious phase. Lord Jesus, I ask that You take complete control of her heart and turn her to Yourself.

I pray that You protect her from harm and lead her to the right path. Lord, You gave her to me, and I entrust her to You.

I pray that she finds her way back home and away from the darkness. Thank You, Lord, for preserving her even to this time.

Please, Lord, save her soul and make her a mighty tool in Your hands. Keep her in the hollow of Your hands and teach her Your love.


Prayer For Prodigal Daughter

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