Powerful Prayers For My Mom

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Prayer To Protect My Mom

Heavenly Father, I give You praise for all that You have done for me. I especially thank You for the special woman I call mom and Your gracious love towards her.

I marvel at her strength and courage, and I am amazed at how she teaches us to love You. I pray that You protect her from the evil one and place her close to Your heart. Lord, I ask that You will continuously uplift her and keep her safe. I know that You will keep her safe and secure in Your Palms forever. Amen.

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Prayer For Healing My Mom

Dear God, my heart is heavy, and although I trust and believe in Your Name, I am out of my depth, and with outstretched arms, I come to You.

My mother has always been my strength and a pointer towards You. I can’t bear to see her so sick and weak. Lord, by Your stripes, we are healed, and I hold on to this, asking that all sickness and disease in her body give way to Your light. I command life to her body and health to her soul.

Nothing dies in the light of Your presence, and so I ask that You take away all forms of disease from her. Amen.

Prayer For Healing My Mom

Prayer For Mom’s Birthday

Sometimes, I cannot imagine that this dear woman that brought me into the world was once a child.

However, You had watched her from before she left the womb of her mother, up until now. Lord, she has told us stories of Your faithfulness that have made us strong in You.

Therefore Lord, as she begins another year, I pray for strength and direction for her. Lord, I ask that in mercy, You satisfy her with Your goodness and fill her with the joy of Your salvation. I thank You, Lord, for doing this and many more. Amen.

Prayer For Mom's Birthday

Prayer To Strengthen My Mom

Dear Lord, I am grateful for the gift of a strong and resilient woman like my mom. I am in awe of Your masterpiece and how she handles everything from chores to work and godliness without falling apart.

Dear Jesus, I see her wipe few tears off her face when she thinks that no one is watching, and it pains me to know that she’s trying to be strong for us.

Therefore, Lord, I ask that You make her strong and help her get her footing in You. I pray that You teach her to see You as The Rock that can never shake and help her draw comfort and strength from You.

I thank You, Father, for always listening to the cry of my heart. Amen.

Prayer To Strengthen My Mom

Prayer For My Mom In The Hospital

Lord Jesus, I thank You even with tears running down my face because You will never fail me or turn aside from my pain. Lord, I come in need of reassurance and strength as mom lies frail on the hospital bed.

I have never seen her look this rundown and weak, but I choose to believe in You even in this time. I pray that You, Lord, will strengthen and encourage my family at this time and bring mom back to us.

I pray that Your Holy Spirit will soothe her, and the angels will minister to her needs.

Dear Lord, take glory and honor in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer For My Mom In The Hospital

Prayer For My Mom With Dementia

Dear Father, I give You all thanks for Your mighty works. I marvel at the beauty of Your creation and how nothing that You make is ever out of place. Thank You for all the beautiful times I had with mom while growing up – the stories, chastening, gifts, crafts, and laughter we shared. I am grateful that You let me learn under the best mother on earth.

Lord, although it hurts to see that she is not lucid enough to talk to right now, I am glad that she is still here with me. I also know that You can do all things, and so, I pray that You will reunite her mind to her body and cause her to return to full health. Amen.

Prayer For My Mom With Dementia

Prayer For My Mom With Cancer

Dear Lord, I thank You for being great and overseeing the affairs of man. I thank You because even on the rugged and bitter roads of life, You are there to steer the course of the wind.

Now is one of such times that I feel dire need for Your grace. I pray that You lead and uphold the family through this period and give mom the strength to battle her cancer and overcome it.

I pray that You guide the doctors on the right course of treatment and that this cancer loses its grip on mom. Lord, please restore and heal her wholly. Amen.

Prayer For My Mom With Cancer

Prayer For Mom Having Surgery

Heavenly Father, I am scared about this surgery. Although I know that You will be with mom throughout the procedure, I can’t help but think about everything that can easily go wrong from the anesthesia and even wrong instrumentation.

Dear Father, I ask that You give us all the peace that comes directly from You. I pray that You guide the surgeon and the team and help them to make the right decisions during this surgery. I ask that You protect mom and bring her out of the theater with no complications.

I thank You, Lord, for answering. Amen.

Prayer For Mom Having Surgery

Prayer For Mother Daughter Relationship

Thank You, Dear Lord, for every blessing that I daily enjoy. I thank You, Lord, for heaping Your Joys in my heart and making me aware of Your immense love.

I thank You, God, for Your love towards me and the blessing of a mom to watch over me. I pray that You bind us together in love with a cord that cannot be broken. Lord, I pray that You will teach me to submit and listen better to my mom and help her to understand me better.

I ask Lord that our relationship models Christ and His Church, and we will live by the Love Walk. Amen.

Prayer For Mother Daughter Relationship

Prayer Of Gratitude For Mom

Lord Jesus, I thank You for all the blessings that You daily use to decorate my life. Thank you so much for bringing me to the world through my super amazing mom and how You taught her to love You first and then love me just like she loves You.

I pray, Dear Lord, that she lives to witness all the joys of motherhood and grows old, loving and serving You. I pray that You use us as wreaths around her table, decorating her with joy and life.

Lord, I ask that You take sorrow and distress far away from her. I thank You, Lord, for answering these prayers. Amen.

Prayer Of Gratitude For Mom

Prayer For Mother’s Financial Situation

Dear Lord,

I pray that you provide a way for my mother to get out of debt.

She is under so much financial pressure and it’s just getting worse over time. She is not able to make ends meet and she has been trying to manage her way out of this mess. I pray that you give her strength and courage on a daily basis and provide her with a solution to get her finances back on track.

Let your Holy Spirit guide her in all of her financial decisions. I pray this in the name of Jesus.

Prayer For Mother's Financial Situation

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