Prayer Against Drug Addiction

Prayer Against Drug Addiction

In a world where nothing satisfies, no matter how good or bad, fill me, Dear Father, with yourself. I come to you now in the name above every name; save me from the manipulation of the wicked one.

Lord God, I have looked everywhere for worth. I have looked for fulfillment, and I have searched desperately for joy. I have used things to give me the feeling and psychological energy I need to push forward through the drudgery of my existence. But, unfortunately, nothing I’ve tried seems to work, and I’m now on the edge of giving in to a terrible temptation.

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Oh, Father, I’ve come to surrender myself to you. Deliver me by your mighty power and bring me out of this cold and dry place my life is. I promised that I would not give in, but I’m strong enough to resist this enticement without you. Only you can rescue me. You alone can show me the way out of this pit.

I’ve desired this high place – a place of confidence and bliss where I can be hurt by nothing and no one. But, instead, I induce this high with these filthy and destructive substances only to return to state and find myself with a bigger mess than I had before. It hurts, and I’m just plain tired of it.

I need you, Lord. I’m desperate. Please, forgive me for falling so low to where I can’t pick myself up. Please have mercy on me for failing you so pitifully.
But I’ve heard of your power. Yes, I’ve heard of your greatness. I’ve heard reports of how you reformed prostitutes and lowlifes. And Father, in many ways, I’m no different.

Prayer Against Drug Addiction

They say you will not despise a humble and contrite heart. They say you will not turn away the sinners who cry to you for salvation and hate their sin. This is me, God. I hate where I am, detest where I’ve been, and want change in my life right here and now.

Omnipotent God, change my crowd. Get me around people who love you and seek you. I don’t want to hang around drug addicts anymore. I refuse to interact with dealers or shooters any longer. I want out of this sphere of influence.

Now, Lord, I receive strength to overcome my demons. I take your authority to myself by faith. I know you love me, and I declare that I love you. Therefore, I overcome my fears, self-doubts, and depression through this great love. I take to myself the garment of praise for the heaviness I feel. I declare right now that I am going to live for you fearlessly and fiercely from today.

In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I rebuke you foul spirits that cause me to crave drugs, alcohol, and other funny substances. You do not have power me any longer. So I put you down right now, and I overcome.

And so, Father, I praise you for giving me the victory and setting me free from drug addiction and sin through the grace of Jesus Christ. I declare that I believe I am free right here and now, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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