Prayer For 21st Birthday

Prayer For 21st Birthday

Lord, thank you for allowing me to see my twenty-first birthday. It is a great milestone in my life.

I always longed for the day I would be twenty-one because it marks a new dawn in my life.

You have helped me through the difficult years of my teens and I have overcome every battle I faced. Thank you for keeping me away from a destructive lifestyle.

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As I look forward to enjoying my twenties, give me the wisdom I need to navigate the waters of adulthood.

You know what lies ahead of me and I ask you keep me away from danger and dangerous situations.

I know how important friendships are in my life and I ask that you help me choose my friends with wisdom.

You see the hearts of men and know their motives (1 Corinthians 4:5). Help me discern those relationships that are right for me and those that aren’t.

Give me divine connections with those who you have ordained to help me fulfill your purpose for my life.

Grant me the courage I need to live a godly life even though I am surrounded by ungodliness.

Help me hold on to my faith knowing I will have a reward at the end.

You are the author of my faith and I ask that you help me to always believe in you.

Let the horrible things I witness in the world not shake my faith.

Send godly mentors my way who will help me mature in my faith and make wise decisions in life. May I submit to those you have placed in my life to mentor me. 

Fill my life with your abundance so I may live a full life that blesses others and brings you glory.

I want to have enough to help others and build your kingdom on earth.

Help me learn from my past and not make the same mistakes.

I will read and meditate on your word day and night so I will be careful to do what it says (Joshua 1:8).

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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