Prayer for a Barren Womb

Prayer for a Barren Womb

LORD, you are more to me than seven children. I get that from Hannah’s husband, Elkanah, father of Samuel the prophet. When Hannah was depressed because she didn’t have any children, he asked her, “Am I not more to you than seven sons?” Well, I’m not going to wait for you to ask me, Father. I tell you now with all my heart; you are more to me than seven children, ten children, or even a thousand.

I refuse to stay here and sulk. I will not stay here and wallow in self-pity like there is no hope or you are not still God. Instead, I declare you are God, and I will yet praise you. I will sing out my songs in the storm because you are with me.

I will shout out my praise in the cold because you wrap your arm around me. Yes, Father. I will not break, nor will I take a break from praising you, loving you, and being grateful to you for the rest of my days.

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This is a prayer of praise, oh God of mercy and justice because you see every trial we face, and you have made a way where we find none. There is no fright or fear anymore because I’ve made up my mind to serve you.

I don’t care what the doctors have said. I don’t even care what people have said or will say. All I care about is making you happy, which is my cause. I won’t excite you with sadness. I won’t make you laugh with tears. And I know you care about my sorrows. So, I’ve decided to let them go, LORD. Children or no children, I will sing and smile.

Prayer for a Barren Womb

There is no love greater than your love, Father, and no name is greater than your Son’s. That is why I am committed for the rest of my life to know you, love you, and be a proclaimer of the power of the most excellent name. You are sweeter than the honeycomb. I will satisfy my heart with your love. It is not about what you can give me. it is about who you are.

What can stop me from praising you? What can hold me back from laughing in your presence? Barrenness? Oh, I’m so over that. I’ve made up my mind, I will make you happy, and you will make me happy. You are enough for me, and I am enough for you.

And what if I crave children so badly? There are so many children in our world, motherless and destitute. Who knows, you could make me a mother to one or more of them one day.

What a privilege that will be to care for the uncared and cater to the abandoned. Your grace will help me accomplish your will if such a time should come. Please know, LORD, that I’m available to you for anything you want to do. Lead in the way I should go.

I have trusted you, God of miracles, and you haven’t failed me yet. Your promise still stands, and there is nothing you can’t do.

So, Great God of grace, thank You for being with me through it all, and I know you’re here to the end. So, I praise your majesty forever, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

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