Prayer For A Promotion At Work

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Dear Lord, I thank You for all the abilities and grace that You have made within me. I am grateful for a functional brain and the opportunity that You have given me to have solutions for problems in my field.

Prayer For Promotion At Work

I am thankful that You have created a platform for me to share Your love and truth with others even as I go through daily events.

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I see that people experience consistency and focus through my approach to work, and it is easier to tell them about Your love that never gives up on us, no matter how much we cause You pain.

Lord, You have helped me to achieve so much thus far, but I know that there is much more that I can do with all the abilities and skills that I have acquired through Your grace.

And so, dear Father, I ask that You will make way for me to get a promotion at my work. This is not because I am greedy or power-hungry, but because I want to learn and experience more knowledge at my work.

Lord, You have asked me to show myself approved unto You through study and diligence, and I have dedicated myself to learning the principles of my job. Therefore, I ask that You open a bigger platform so that I can put my skills to use and sharpen my knowledge.

I also pray that You will help me to be diligent and live a quiet and hardworking life that is void of eye service and pretense. Help me to truly serve my superiors and to be gracious to my co-workers, and give me the grace to trust You while I wait.

I pray that as a faithful steward, You will help me to see my work as Yours and help me to serve with humility and grace.

I pray that even at my job, I will work on purpose as I carry out my duties. I pray that You will help me never to lose sight of the cross or run after the world and all of its trimmings.

Lord, give me the zeal to work as unto You, even when I am not where I desire to be. Hold my hands and lead me daily, by Your grace.

And although I long for a promotion, help me to trust Your plans even if they do not align to mine. I pray that You help me to learn all that You are teaching me in this season and give me the courage to pass all the tests that may come my way.

I pray that my life becomes an encouragement to all those that are in similar seasons of life, and I become a beacon of hope to everyone that is waiting on You.

I pray that all that I do, people back to the cross, and I enjoy sweet fellowship with You as I give You all my strength in every sphere of my life. Thank You for loving me the way You do. Help me to live for You alone. Amen.

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