Prayer for Anger and Patience

Prayer for Anger and Patience

Righteous Savior of my soul, I worship You with all my being. My entire essence is in awe of Your splendor and Your marvelous goodness. How good it is to know You and serve You. You are my God, and I am proud to proclaim it.

I come to You today with the imperfections I find in myself. Lord, I desire to be like You in character and spirit. You are perfect, kind, and just. Your nature is supreme. There is no other holy reference but You.

Today, the world is full of violence. War and disagreements reign, and people can’t seem to stop this vicious cycle.

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People get angry with one another because they are too in a hurry. Everyone wants their way; no one is patient enough to see other perspectives or listen to different opinions.

Most of us don’t even want to consider what You have said. And it’s embarrassing that I am caught in the same redundant loop that seems to have no end.

The book of Proverbs says that the anger of human beings does not accomplish the righteousness of God, so I know that whatever I do in my rage does not benefit me in the end.

So, I humble myself before You right now, and I ask that You baptize me in Your river of patience and wisdom so that the nature of anger leaves me.

The end of anger is violence, and the end of violence is destruction. But, Lord God, I do not want to be a destroyer or destroyed.

On the contrary, I want to build, I want to grow, I want to develop, and I want to nurture. I desire to exhibit every creativity You have bestowed on me in an atmosphere of peace and order.

So, Lord, with every unforgiveness and malice, I lay my anger and pain before You. Instead, I submit myself to be an unwavering expression of love and kindness to everyone around me.

Father God, thank You for hearing me; I pray in Jesus Christ’s name.

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