Prayer for Bad Weather to Go Away

Dear Jesus, sometimes I feel You place the weather as a physical reminder that we will pass through varying seasons of life. These seasons remind us that although times may change, Your promises are yes and amen.

Yet, at times like today, lousy weather overwhelms us, and it feels like we are sinking.

And although we cannot control the weather and the oceans, we know You can, for there is nothing too difficult for You, omnipotent God. You have promised never to destroy the earth with a flood again after Noah’s time.

You have also said that if we ask for anything in Your name and believe in our hearts without doubt, You will do it for us.

So, we come to You concerning the elements as they threaten to overwhelm us, recalling that You calmed the storm in the sea. We ask that You turn away this lousy weather and give us peace and calm.

We pray that You help us to enjoy and appreciate each season as they come and give us life lessons from the climate and weather. Dear Jesus, if any amongst us has fallen ill due to the poor weather, I ask that You heal and cause them to be strong again.

I pray for other parts of the world going through similar conditions that You cast Your peace upon them.

Dear Lord, if any places have suffered from adverse weather conditions such as drought, flood, or wildfires, let Your hope make them trust again.

I ask that You will renew such people and send helpers to them. Give us courage and strength to live through this weather, and help us be compassionate to those that have lost precious cargo in the storms of life.

Dear Lord, show us that there is always hope when we trust in You. So, even while the storms rage outside our walls and the lightning and thunderstorms threaten, help us lean on You for strength.

Keep our lips from grumbling and murmuring when we cannot go to work or get groceries in the snowstorms. Lord, help us be grateful for Your basic needs, such as electricity and a hot cup of chocolate in this weather.

Dear Lord, as we await the passing of this weather, I ask that You keep us safe from harm. I pray that You will protect all our loved ones and save our properties from destruction. Lord, I pray for those that are out and without shelter in this weather that You will be with them.

I ask that You cause them to feel Your warmth and shelter them. Lord, send helpers their way and cause them to find mercy. I pray that You raise men willing to help this season and open safe houses for those who have lost their homes.

Teach us to love beyond words and show compassion in our actions.

Thank You for loving us beyond our thoughts and prayers. We ask that You teach us to reciprocate Your love by loving others. Amen.

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