Prayer for Calm and Patience

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Prayer for Calm and Patience

There is nothing like Your presence, Lord. No place is as calming and healing as the place You call Your home, God of the universe. I love and honor You today, and I know my words are insufficient to describe and ascribe praises to Your holy name.

Thank You, Father God, for being with me through trials, temptations, storms, and shakings. Your words inspire confidence in my heart that I never knew before. It is a delight to find assurance of my future in Your promises.

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God, even as I go forward and the trials crescendo, keep me confident, calm, and patient in Your ways. My Heavenly Father, keep on track, following step by step as You lead me in the paths You have prepared. 

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Please, Lord, I don’t want to be like unbelievers who have no hope and assurance of Your victory. Instead, I desperately want to stay reminded that You are with me and love me.

Your perfect love chases away every fear that lurks around the corner. I want to remain calm as I walk boisterously through the fires of life. And I am sure that doing that is impossible without Your calming and refreshing presence. 

Father God, fill me with patience and endurance as I work and walk this life. Please show me how to fight my battles and win over every foe. I desire to represent You correctly in every way. And I know that You are the ultimate standard of calm and patience.

My Creator, I am determined to enjoy all You created me to enjoy. I am not about to let the enemy steal my blessings from me. So, thank You for giving me strength in my body and character to do Your will and accomplish great things.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing all I have to present to You in the name of Jesus Christ.

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