Prayer For Church Growth 

Prayer for Church Growth

LORD God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I come before you with highest praise and thanksgiving to bless your most holy name in your courts in the sight of all your mighty angels and majestic beasts. You are the Lord of Hosts.

Billions and billions stand before your throne in bright apparel, singing and shouting your praise. Clearly, Lord, your presence makes men sing, and all the angels cry out your glory. Yet, who can stand before the multitude of your magnificent army?

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Your Anointed boldly declared that He will build his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her. And you, Holy Father, are the one who draws people to yourself by your magnetic love. Our Lord had confidence in your ability when he uttered such an audacious statement. He knew very well you sent him to lay the foundation for your glorious house on earth. And he understood that no venture you embark on can ever meet futility.

Lord, to you alone shall your chosen people gather. We ask right now that you draw all people to yourself everywhere on earth, especially in our city. Bring souls to the house you have called us to steward in this city. Let this house grow in the strength of numbers, God. Let the people of this city know that you are with us here to bring deliverance and salvation to people who come to you.

Prayer For Church Growth

Giver of Wisdom, we ask that you grant us fresh revelation in the knowledge of you so that your Word will be vital in this church. The entrance of your Word gives light and understanding to the simple, for we live in a world full of confusion and ignorance of you.

People walk around looking for answers and meaning in their lives. We see a great need in our city for the knowledge and understanding of your Word. Good Shepherd, teach us how to lead people to your lush fields of grass. Let your sheep graze to satisfaction on your parcels.

Moreover, Lord of Glory, grant us that our hands may perform signs and wonders as tokens of your presence with us and willingness to save the lost. Let there be such an overflow of your matchless power for healing, deliverance from demonic oppression, and restoration of lives to your original intentions for us. Speak to us expressly and lead us where there is a need for a miracle that we might become expressions of your very nature of love.

Father, build us, your church, from the inside out that no form of weakness will be found in us. Rid us of all unrighteousness and lust so sin won’t be found anywhere in our lives. Make us into perfect expressions of your character that the people of the world would see and glorify you, and run to us to be changed by you.

Father of the bride of Christ, make your church with us exceedingly attractive that no soul can resist our fellowship. And make us untouchable to the enemy that everyone who stands against us will bow down to our will that is conformed to yours.

Build us, Lord God, into a Palace of Praise for your most holy name. We pray and exalt you alone in the most glorious designation of the Builder of Your House, Jesus Christ. And God’s people say Amen.

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