Prayer for Confidence

Father, you know my innermost being. In your presence, I come to you as the real me, without a mask, without a fake persona but you see me for what I am. I am vulnerable, fragile.

I care what people think, what they say sometimes creeps into my mind and heart and I am unable to say the things that need to be said.

Father, I pray that you give me boldness to share your love with the world, to share your gospel message, to stand up for what is right.

Father, I pray that I no longer care for reputation but that I boast in my weakness for your sake.

Father, I pray that every day I am reminded of what you have called me to be, That you have given me a new identity, and that identity is not rooted in fear but it is rooted in Jesus Christ your Son.

I pray that self-esteem issues are gone in Jesus' name, I pray that a fear of speaking, dancing, singing will be done for.

I pray that boldly through the gifts you have bestowed in me that I would do them confidently no matter who sees. That my confidence would praise you more than it praises me.

Father, I pray for a balance. I pray that I do not become arrogant but that I am humble in my confidence knowing that I am not perfect but also knowing that I am truly capable of great things in your name.

That I am no longer the old self but that I have risen with Christ from the darkness.

I declare that peace will dwell in my heart and mind for as long as I live, that your Holy Spirit would fill me with His presence, that I would have self-control, confidence, love, gentleness no matter where I go or what I may face.

Father your word tells us to have courage. You have commanded us to have faith. Lord, I pray that I no longer lean on my own strength but that I lean on yours.

You are the definition of victory, of what an overcomer looks like.

Father, please help me as I walk in faith, as I walk in closeness with your Son. May the enemy not prosper. 

May is arrows fail, May those who seek to destroy me fail.

Father, I pray this for your name’s sake. May the Glory be yours and yours forever. Amen.

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