Prayer For Debt Cancellation

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I thank You, Lord, for making me one of Your beloved children. You have made me an heir of the kingdom, and You have given me all that I need. I love that everything that the world needs is present and sufficient in You, and all of Your promises are yes and amen.

So, I have the assurance that when I call on Your name, You will hear me and answer per Your will.

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I know that You have made all things for Your pleasure, and every season in my life adds up to become a plot in Your script. Therefore, I do not fear the days of little and want because You always come through for me.

From the time of the Israelite journey through the wilderness, You have never let Your children want for any good thing. You provided a pillar of fire to lead them and keep them warm during the night and provide a pillar of cloud to keep them from the scorching sun and remind them of Your presence during the day.

You provided quail and manna when they were hungry, and rocks spat out water to quench their thirst.

In the days when Elijah called for draught as punishment for disobedient Israel, You sent ravens to feed him with bread and meat day and night and prepared a widow to sustain him as the drought persisted. These stories show that You will never leave me to wallow in need, and You have more than I can ever want.

And so, dear Lord, I come to You this day to ask that You make way for me. I am neck-up in debt, and I do not know where to go from here. I am in desperate need of a miracle, and I pray that You come to this storm and speak calmly.

I pray for debt cancellation, and I believe that it is not hard or impossible for You. Lord, You have used a fish to settle tax debt and a small jar of oil to save a widow’s sons from slavery.

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I come to You as my only hope, and I ask that You give me a miracle. Lord, I pray that You will step into this debt and help me. Speak, Lord, and make the seemingly impossible happen for me.

I ask that You will raise helpers that are men of valor to help me offset this debt. Help me, Lord, to be prudent with all the resources that You have given to me.

Dear Lord, I pray that You will open my eyes to hidden treasures that I can use as an exchange for value. I ask that You will give me ideas and secrets that will cause me to generate wealth for Your glory.

Lord, I do not want to always be in debt, and so I pray that You will teach me to manage all the resources that You have placed within and around me and cause that everything I do will be fruitful and bring returns.

The Holy Spirit is a life-giving Spirit, and He resides within me. So, I am fruitful in all that I do. I thank You, Lord, for this and more. Amen.

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