Prayer for Deliverance from Narcissism

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Prayer for Deliverance from Narcissism

Father, it’s all about you too. It can always be about me. My life is not my own because you bought me at a price.

Lord God, I bring my whole life before you today because I realize now that I’ve been so full of myself. For the longest time, I’ve cared only for myself, my needs, and my wants. Nobody else mattered because it had to be about me alone. So, I’ve ended up hurting those who love me and, consequently, myself.

Father, this excessive self-obsession, especially over material things that are morbidly transient, will ruin me. My life must never rest on things I can see with the eyes in my head but rather rest on the things I can see with the eyes of my heart.

Prayer for Deliverance from Narcissism

Help me, Lord, and deliver me speedily. Please, cause my eyes to see beyond self and physical features that change all the time. Saving Father, I present my selfish and myopic heart before you for a change. Yes, God, I need a transformation right away. I am so willing to see life from your perspective.

Father, thank you for talents, good looks, popularity, and all that. But now, Father, I am desperate for a life that brings you glory, that gives you attention, and desires your affection and approval more than anything else – a life of deep meaning.

I am tired of being alone in my own heart, and I’m fed up with being the center of my world. Having everything to revolve around me will definitely wring me out one day if I don’t change now, and then the world will see there’s really nothing to the façade I call my existence.

Father of Kindness, your word has said you resist the proud while giving grace to the humble. Earnestly, Lord, show me the pathway of your form of humility. I don’t want to feel worthless but worthy to you. I want to feel the powerful warmth of your divine embrace, your full reception. Anything short of this won’t cut it.

Gracious One, I want to know how to put you first before myself in everything. Please, show me how. I want to offer my life for your good pleasure and authentic enjoyment. I surrender it all to you. I subsequently submit all my giftings and talents for the service of your glorious name, and I am willing to take the backstage while you work excessively at the forefront of my life.

Bright and shining God, teach me how to return every admiration and praise I receive from my peers to you. Teach me what your heart of selflessness is truly like.

Father, I’m giving you full control to run the show of my life for me while I follow your direction and guidance. I’m just going to sit back and relax while you lead because you make all things beautiful at the right time.

Finally, Dear God, please teach me how to love myself the right way even as you open my heart to love and care for others more than myself genuinely. I sorely want to please you now.

Thank you so much for your touch of love, the approach of mercy, and the mix of redemption as I give you all the glory you so amply deserve, in Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

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