Prayer For Deliverance Of The Mind

Dear Lord, thank You for making me Your righteousness through Christ Jesus. I know that I have a sound mind that speaks victory over sin and death; I have the emblem of the kingdom, which is the Holy Spirit.

I have what I need at the right time and in the right way. Lord, I know that because I have a life-giving Spirit within me, nothing dies in my hands.

You have given me all that I need for life and godliness, and I receive it through the knowledge of Your Word. I am not ignorant about the devices of the devil that has come to steal the knowledge of Your Word that I have, to kill every seed of faith within me, and to destroy my relationship with You.

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I see that his tactics are the same as those of old, and he insists on throwing fiery darts my way.

But dear Lord, my mind sometimes fails to believe Your Word and strays from the cross. I have worrisome thoughts about my future and the state of my life.

Lord, I confess that I sometimes give in to hatred, and I wish that all those who are against Your gospel would face Your wrath. Lord, I am incapable of saving my mind or turning it away from these thoughts.

I sometimes think lustful thoughts and sin against You in my mind. I am prone to anger and offense even though I profess Your name. Lord, I have had thoughts that do not fit with Your Word and precepts, and I realize that I am helpless against sin without Your help.

I know what it means to be a child of the Father; I have tasted Your goodness and felt Your love. You keep coming back for me, even when I run away and hide from Your grace. I have seen You have mercy and compassion, even on days that I was ill-deserving of forgiveness.

Now, Lord, I have come to You just as I am; dirty, torn, worn, weary, and lost. I surrender my strength and my battles to You. Today, I come to You with full awareness as I submit my mind and every thought that it houses to You.

I ask that You take my mind and renew it to please You. I pray that You teach me to sieve out all the thoughts that are not befitting of my calling and help me to grow in grace.

I pray that there be a shift in my mind to listen to the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray that in those times when I am confused between right and wrong, I recall Your words.

I pray that in the times when I face darkness and fear, my mind learns to trust You, and Lord, I pray that You will help me to continually draw strength from You. I pray that my mind becomes a mirror image of Yours, carrying out Your will and bringing heaven to earth.

Lord, I know that You are working in me and through me for Your glory. Thank You for doing more than I have asked of You. Amen.

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