Prayer For Divine Intervention

Dear Father, I thank You for loving me without reserve. You have sent Your Son Jesus to carry the burden of my sins, and You have given me Your Holy Spirit to guide me on the path of life.

All through the Scriptures, there are tales of Your mercy and grace as You held Your people by the hand and led them through nations and enemy troops.

When they faced their foes and were weak and frail, You sent Word ahead of them, warning kings and nations not to touch Your anointed ones and do Your prophets no harm.

At several times, You interfered in the affairs of men just to save those that were precious to You. You showed up for the stubborn Israelites in the wilderness and provided manna to fill their bellies, and water flowed from the rocks to quench their thirst.

And when the devil thought that he had won over mankind and had broken the relationship of Holiness that man shared with You, You showed up as a man.

You dwelt among us and experienced all that it means to be human, and yet You did not sin.

You intervened once again, paying the debt of sins that You did not commit. Lord, You paid the ultimate price for my redemption, and now I am convinced that nothing can stand between You and me.

I know now that my challenges and experiences move me closer to You, and when I am falling or fainting, Your gentleness leads me to the paths of still waters.

Therefore, I come to You today with all my difficulties and worries, and I ask that You will intervene in my situation. I have no one else to run to, and I have no power or strength of my own.

I recall that You showed up in time for the three Hebrews, and You did not abandon Daniel in the lion’s den.

I feel like one in the lion’s den right now, and the circumstances of life want to choke me. However, I know that You are the One that calms the storms and creates paths in the wilderness.

And so, even now, as I struggle and feel weary and worn, I pray that You show up for me. Lord, take over from me and calm these storms. I am not sure what to pray for, but I am not afraid because Your Spirit helps me with my weaknesses.

Help me to draw the strength that You offer to me as I wait on You in this trying season. I pray that as You lead and intervene, You will help me to trust Your ways.

I ask that You will help me believe in You, even when I do not understand the process of Your intervention. I pray that You will help me to witness for You even in my storms.

Lord, I thank You for making way for me to call You Abba Father at all times. I count it a privilege to pray and talk to You as Your child. I trust that You will make everything perfect in its time. Thank You for always loving me. Amen.

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