Prayer for Emotional Healing

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Prayer for Emotional Healing

Lord, I praise you for you are my healer. My heart leaps with joy when I think about your desire to heal me from anything that hurts me.

Today, I ask for you to heal my heart from the pain I have carried all these years.

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I have experienced hurt from many things and people, and today I want to release it to you for healing.
Healing me from the pain and hurtful words I received growing up.

My family was not perfect and sometimes they did and said hurtful things to me that left me wounded. I forgive my family members and ask you to heal them too.

Those who hurt others have also experienced hurt. When circumstances shattered my dreams, I got hurt and have never recovered.

I ended up with a lot of pain and disappointment which made me give up on my other dreams and desires.

Revive my heart and help me believe in your ability to make my dreams come true.

prayer for emotional healing

Help me see it is not too late to start over and achieve my dreams.
Heal me from the hurt I received in my relationships with others. Some betrayed me and walked away without saying goodbye.

Others said nasty things to me and about me and I still hurt. Others lied about me and I got into trouble for things I didn’t do.

Give me a healing word to hold on to because your words bring healing (Psalm 107:20).
I have made many mistakes that have left me hurt and wounded. I don’t know how to move on from the pain. I keep rehashing the scenarios in my mind and I feel stuck.

Help me forgive myself for it is only then that you can heal me.

Redeem my mistakes and wrong choices and remind me that through Christ you have forgiven me. 

1 Peter 2:24 says Jesus healed me by his stripes and I claim that healing for my body.

Heal my body of every ailment and discomfort and restore it to health.

Show me what foods to eat to nourish my body and protect it from diseases and illnesses.
I believe in your healing power and I will call upon it every day. Increase my faith to never stop believing you can heal me from anything. Your healing word will always be on my lips.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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