Prayer For Enemies To Leave You Alone

When we pray for our enemies, we are aligning ourselves with God’s will for their lives. We are asking God to bless them and not curse them. We are asking God to grant them a favor and not misfortune.

When we pray for our enemies, we are asking God to turn their hearts towards Him. We are asking God to give them a hunger for righteousness and a thirst for justice. We are asking God to use them for His glory and not their own.

When we pray for our enemies, we are asking God to change us as well. We are asking God to help us see them the way He sees them. We are asking God to help us love them the way He loves them. We are asking God to help us forgive them as He has forgiven us.

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A Prayer for Strength Over My Enemies

Prayer For Someone To Leave You Alone

Dear Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, I am asking you to strengthen my faith in you and your Word over my enemies, satan, and his demons. Help me to remain steadfast in my commitment to your will, for the good of your people and your kingdom.

I pray that your Holy Spirit will keep me on the narrow path. I pray that you will grant me a strong arm of righteousness to do battle with all the forces of darkness.

In the Name of Jesus, help me to overcome my enemies, satan and his forces of darkness. I ask that I will be filled with the fire of your Holy Spirit to live a righteous and pure life.

Help me to walk in wisdom and to seek out your ways to combat every ungodly practice and thought. Enable me to see the difference between good and evil and to stand firm in righteousness, in the fear of the LORD, and in the knowledge of the truth.

Prayer For Protection From My Enemies

Heavenly Father, I know that it takes more than strength to withstand attacks from the enemy, but I am confident in your power to overcome my enemies.

As I stand firm in the faith, I am convinced that you will keep your promises to deliver me from my enemies. I ask that you will protect me from those who seek to do me harm and make me feel weak, and when my enemies rise up against me, I pray that you will strengthen me to stand my ground on Your Word against their attacks.

Father, I know that satan wants to steal my joy in my present circumstances, but I trust that you have given me your power to defeat him. I ask that you give me strength so that I will be able to withstand the attacks of the devil and stand firm in the face of my adversary.

Father, I know that many will be tempted to quit when they feel weak. I pray that you will provide them with the strength to continue on in your service. Lord, I pray that you will allow me to stand strong in the faith, even if my enemies seem to be winning. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

A Prayer for Making Peace With My Enemies

Dear Lord, I have no qualms about praying to You for the sake of those who have wronged me. May you the God of all grace give me the wisdom to see the best in people and the power to forgive those who hate me. I believe that you Lord will see me through and show them Your mercy.

Almighty God, as I am making my peace with my enemies, may I always keep in mind Your holy teachings and the example set by Your Son.

I pray that you will soften the hearts of my enemies and that they will no longer feel the need to harbor anger towards me.

I forgive them for all they have done against me and I pray that they may also forgive me for my trespasses against them.

In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For My Enemies To Receive The Proper Justice From The Authorities

Prayer For My Enemies To Receive The Proper Justice From The Authorities

Heavenly Father, You have created leaders who enforce justice such as police officers and judges. It is because of this justice system society can live in a peaceful state.

Lord, look at those who have wronged me. Justice has not been served in my situation. I ask that you use the proper authorities to bring justice to my situation. I ask for your mercy upon the wrongdoers and that justice prevails in the name of Jesus.

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