Prayer For Fast Recovery and Healing

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Glory be to Your Holy Name, Father. You are the creator of all things, the way maker, and the supreme author of my story. You rule over all things, for nothing is out of Your reach, and nothing can hide from You.

Moreover, because You made everything, You can fix anything broken. You alone are the healer, the restorer, and the repairer of all.
Lord, You are my healer, my doctor, and my strength. Your word is my medicine, and the victory of Your Son is my assurance.

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Prayer For Fast Recovery and Healing

And so, I praise You right now for Your life flowing throughout my flesh by Your Spirit. Yes, Father, Your Spirit is in me, pouring out eternal life and healing throughout my body. You sacrificed Your Son for this very thing, and I am eternally grateful for it.

Isaiah, the prophet of old, said that the stripes of the Messiah heal us. And, Father, true to the prophecy, You gave up Your Son, and stripes were made on his back with gruesome whips. Gashes and bruises, lacerations, and swellings were put on his back just so I could be healed.

So, in the name of Jesus Christ, and by His stripes, I declare I am healed. God, I seize what You have released to me by Jesus. I say that sickness and disease can have no hold on me anymore. I am already healed in Jesus’ name.

No weapon formed against me can prosper. Lord, this is Your will for me. I take it as my truth, my reality, and I thank You for it with all my heart.
Father, I believe Your word like I know I’m alive. Your words are trustworthy and powerful, and You never lie. Blessed be Your name forever.

Your words are like water, soothing, and calm. And when I hear them, I am transformed. I am full of faith that there is life in all You say.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I recover right now from every disorder in my body. I thank You, Father, that You have made me healthy from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.

Even as I recognize Your presence here with me, I worship You with my very being, my God. You have gone ahead of me to make the crooked straight according to Your word. I take that to mean that You prepared my healing before my ordeal. So, again I take what You have given me.

Although I see and feel the disease symptoms, I choose to rest confidently on what is real – Your promises. Besides, You commanded that those who dwell in Zion should never say they are sick. I am a citizen of Zion. I say I am healed. I am very healthy, in Jesus’ name.

My body is the temple of Your Holy Spirit. So, sin and sickness cannot dwell in my body. Only life and peace are allowed in all my flesh. Therefore, I decree that it is well me, Spirit, soul, and body.

Even as You created everything by the word of Your mouth, Father, I now enforce divine health, wellness, and strength in my body by faith in Your word. Amen.

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