Prayer For God To Reveal Hidden Things

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Dear Lord, I thank You for loving us and setting us apart to be a part of Your grand plan for the earth. You have called and chosen me to be an heir of their kingdom of grace.

This is a concept that is too large for my little mind to comprehend. I see that You did not hold back but used the best materials to put me together. I look at myself and marvel at Your kindness. I slowly understand why the angels continuously ask, “Who is man that You are mindful of him?”

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You did not only make us in Your image but came to dwell among us even when we were least deserving of Your grace. You have shown mercy and love to the entirety of humanity, and this is a priceless attribute of the Heavenly Father.

You suffered the capital punishment of death for a debt that You did not owe, and still, You gave us a parting gift of the Holy Spirit as You left the earth. You are so gracious and kind, and there is no shadow of turning with You.

You gave us the scripture that is full of promises and reassurance that You will never leave us. These have become pieces of evidence that we have the Father’s love.

Prayer For God To Reveal Hidden Things

And yet, we know that we can be blind and ignorant of Your Word, sealing our hearts from knowledge and instruction. We also know that the devil is always hovering and seeking to destroy every sprout of knowledge in our hearts.

So, we ask that You open how eyes and minds to the instructive knowledge of Your Word and keep us fixed on the cross.

I ask that You pull us away from the noises and side attractions of our world and time, and You will help us to make time within our busyness to seek You with all our hearts.

I ask that You will teach us to know that we are only as powerful as the store of Your Word that we have in our hearts and help us to allow the Holy Spirit to teach all things.

Lord, there are hidden things that we need to discover about You and our world, but You have asked us to seek You first, and then You will add all these things to us as well.

And so, Father, I ask that You will teach us to seek You without compromise or faintness of heart.

Please help us to be diligent in service and work, and ultimately, guide us to understand the hidden things that abide with us as we live in purpose.

In our work and daily lives, I pray that You will reveal to us how to impart our world with as much love as You have shown to us and that we will live quiet lives among men.

I pray that You will give us the courage to live for Jesus in all that we do and spread the gospel even as You reveal Yourself to all through us. Amen.

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