Prayer For God’s Grace

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Lord, I praise you because you are a loving Father who is mindful of your children.

It is your will that I live a godly and content life that pleases you each day.

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Because you know how hard it can be to live a life that pleases you, you have sent your Holy Spirit to help me.

I thank you for your divine help because I cannot succeed without it.

Today I ask for your grace to pray and read my Bible every day. Sometimes I struggle and don’t feel like spending time in your word.

Help me because I am only human and need your grace to keep me going. You are a gracious God who longs to make me more like Christ all for your glory.

You say your grace is sufficient for me in everything I go through in this life (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Where my strength fails me and I have no motivation to keep going, grant me your grace to sustain me.

See me through my difficult moments and help me rise again when I fall.

My help comes from you and nowhere else. You have never failed me and therefore I trust in you.

May your grace help me overcome the ungodliness that surrounds me (Titus 2:11-12).

The world is full of temptations to do evil and I don’t want to fall for them. These are not things I can deal with in my strength or wisdom. They require your grace.

Help me keep my mind focused on things above and not on earthly things so I do not stumble and fall.

Grant me your grace as I do that work you have assigned me on earth. Your purpose for my life is greater than I am and requires your help to fulfill.

Come to my aid and show me step by step how to work with excellence so that my work will please you.

When I feel like giving up, may your grace push me forward toward the finish line.

I will rely on your grace and not my ability to get things done.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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