Prayer for Good Dreams

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In the presence of darkness, You called forth the light. Afterward, You made the sun and moon rule the day and night. There is simply none like You in all creation, God of Glory.

Prayer for Good Dreams

You, who created the morning for work and the evening for rest, have designed thoughts to flow in the day and dreams to come in the night. Lord, Your exceptional order and balance pervade all things You have formed. You have done all things excellently.

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Above all, You have shaped me, spirit, soul, and body, to embody Your essence and carry Your image. You wove my mind from the strings of Your heart and caused me to think and dream. Blessed be Your name for all You’ve done.

Unfortunately, my Lord, sin came in by our failure and has corrupted Your design. Sin has brought in sickness, death, and utter negativity. Now, many times we struggle to think right in the presence of fear and failure.

Moreover, the night offers peril, sleeplessness, and nightmares. I often find myself wrestling with these, waking up in a cold sweat. But l thank You, Lord, because You’ve already made a way out through Christ Jesus.

First off, Your word has said that the sleep of a working man is sweet. So, I thank You, Just One, for this assurance. I know good dreams occasionally accompany a sweet sleep. Father, You have prepared good dreams for my night’s rest. I now receive them.

I repudiate nightmares and terrors by the authority of Your constant presence. I declare that the enemy has no right to attack my mind with fear and horror.

God of grace, even as You guided Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus, through dreams, I present myself to be shown dreams that will set my life in the order You desire. Thank You for the plans You will reveal to me in the night. Thank You for the advantages You will afford me in secret.

Even as I commit myself to work for Your glory, thank You for rewarding me with sweet sleep and good dreams. Please show me the future with the mighty power of divine dreams, and the enemy will not manipulate me with false expressions. Cause me to discern truth in all my dreams.

Henceforth, I will never have a disadvantageous experience with my dreams. Above all, thank You because You will grant me the understanding of all dreams that pertain to my progress in You.

God of the night times, I praise You for all You have perfected for my good, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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