Prayer for Healing of Foot Pain

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Prayer for Healing of Foot Pain

Dear Jesus, I thank You, for I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

You molded each part of my body with Your hands and made a beautiful masterpiece out of clay.

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I have Your breath as You put Your Spirit in me and called me Your child. All my flaws and insecurities make me unique and dear to Your heart.

You make no errors, so I glory in my weaknesses under Christ.

I thank You for my life. I thank You because all that I do is under Your watchful gaze. You are so mindful and keen about me that I feel special and seen.

I know that You care about my every need. I know that Your will for me is sound health.

I know that You are aware of the pains in my foot. Lord, this pain has become a concern to me.

Therefore, I pray to You, mighty GOD, requesting that You remove every pain in my foot.

I pray that this discomfort in my foot vanishes just as quickly as it showed up. Your word clearly states that healing is the bread of Your children.

I am Your child, and You have adopted me into Your family. I humbly come before You.

Lord, I ask that You make me whole so I can worship You in sound health. Please also remove my sins and replace them with wholeness and a joyous heart.

The pain in my foot limits my range of movement, and I cannot go to distant places.

So, I cannot work and serve You as I want. Therefore, I ask that You heal me and make me living proof that Your word is alive and active.

Lord, help me trust You to keep me safe until this thorn passes over me.

Thank You for doing this, and more than I can ask or think. Amen.

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