Prayer For Husband’s First Day of Work

Thank You, Father, for answering our prayers and providing my husband with his new position. We give You all the praise and glory for doing so.

Prayer For Husband's First Day of Work

Please bless this new job, and my husband and I hope that he will be able to do the many tasks that will be required of him as well as any challenges he may encounter in his new position.

I also ask that you bless this new work. I hope that in addition to fitting in successfully at this stage of his career, he will also be considered favorably by both the senior managers and his coworkers.

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Give him the ability to see what needs to be addressed, recognize it promptly, and take rapid, decisive action. Help him to be the best in everything he does, and give him the knowledge and skills to confidently, wisely, and gracefully tackle any new and challenging issues.

In the name of Jesus, Lord, I commit everything pertaining to my husband’s life to your hands. Put your blessing in every endeavor that he makes. Let your divine light guide him.

Bless him and make him a fulfilled man. Bring him back to me in happiness and joy. Thank You that Your grace is sufficient. I praise and thank You for this next step on our life journey together.


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