Prayer For Kidney Healing

Dear Father, I thank You for making me in Your image and after Your likeness. You made me in perfect agreement with Your plans and purpose for my life, and of this, I am sure. I thank You because You do not make mistakes or errors in Your creation, but all that You make is good and perfect.

I am grateful for all my body parts and how You have coordinated every part to function in a specific way. Nothing about me is strange to You, and I know that You never sleep nor slumber because You are keeping watch over me.

Psalm 139:13 Bible Verse

Your Word says in Psalm 139:13 For you formed my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother’s womb.

And so Heavenly Father, I praise You for my failing kidneys. I praise You for including this season in Your plan for my life long before I knew You.

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I thank You for the years in which I had functional and healthy kidneys, and I thank You for helping me to live fully during those years. I thank You for this period of fear and anxiety because I know that You are here beside me, leading the way.

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I thank You for my friends and family that have stood by me during this time; I ask, Lord, that You will renew their strength. I thank You, Lord, for the specialist and physician that diagnosed this problem; I pray that You continuously help them in their field.

I pray for all those that are in a similar situation that You speak Your peace and healing over them.

Prayer For Kidney Healing

Lord, I feel weak and helpless as my kidneys fail, and I am in so much pain. I pray, Lord, that in Your mercy, You heal me of this infirmity. I recall the man at the pool that had been that way for 38 years, waiting for a miracle.

He had no one to help him into the pool when the angel stirred it, but You did not need an angel for that miracle because You are healing personified.

And so Lord, I do not look to the doctors and medical experts for help, and I do not look to any other source, for I know that You are my healer. Lord, when the Israelites were dying in the wilderness, You asked them to look to the serpent on the tree, and they were saved.

Today, I look to Jesus, who received the beatings for my affliction, and pray that You heal me of every sickness.

I pray in faith, and I believe that You will heal my kidneys and make me whole again. And even if You are to use the doctors, I know that it is You who will teach their hands what to do. I thank You for this time of my life, and I pray that You will help me never to lose faith in You.

Help me to understand Your purpose for my life in this season, and I ask that You will help me to become a beacon of hope to as many as are in similar conditions.


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