Prayer for My Church

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prayer for my church

Lord, I praise you for the blessing of the body of Christ to the life of every believer.

The church was your idea to gather your children into a community.

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I thank you for the transformation that happens in the hearts of people as they gather to feed on your word and fellowship. 

Today I pray for my church and ask that you bless it.

Bless the leadership of the church and continue to give them the wisdom to lead its members toward Christ.

Bless those who come to this church and may they experience your love in every service or activity. 

Establish all ministries in my church and equip them with resources they need to reach out to those in need.

Send people to serve in these ministries and share your love with the members of the church.

Watch over these ministries and protect them from those who have hidden agendas and are not there to serve you. 

Remind the church leadership to pray before selecting ministry leaders so they can position those you have called to head these ministries (Acts 14:23).

You know who understands your heart for your people and who will fulfill your vision for each ministry.

Equip every ministry leader through your word and give them the confidence to lead with integrity and love. 

I ask for your provision for outreach programs to help the church send missionaries to reach the lost for Christ.

You are the Lord of the harvest, please send laborers to go where people need to hear the gospel(Matthew 9:37-38).

Direct the steps of the church as it plans events, activities or conferences to bring together your children. 

May others experience your presence in every service, meeting or prayer session so they can encounter your transforming power. Show us your signs and wonders as we praise and worship you each week. 

Increase the membership of the church and help each member grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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