Prayer for My Divorce to Stop

God of the Armies of Heaven, You assert that nothing that You have put together should be broken apart. All-knowing God, step in and prevent my hubby and me from divorcing.

God, I beseech You to extend Your strong hand and guide us away from this path since we are on it. I am aware that our marriage as it is today does not please You.

But God, show the devil he can’t take my marriage! Please give our marriage the love and grace it needs to endure and flourish.

Take away from my husband’s thoughts about me all the hate, resentment, problems, and thoughts of divorce. Instead, make him feel the love he once felt for me in order to soften his heart.

Lord, show my husband and me where we are lacking. Reveal all sins whether public or hidden and help us to stop any further sins or ways that might keep him and me from each other. I am aware that you oppose divorce and that you never pick the wrong person for us to wed.

I pray for my husband’s conversion, that he understands that I am not his enemy, but rather his wife, whom You have chosen to be his companion and whom I sincerely adore.

Teach my husband and me to value each other in our marriage by teaching us to respect, appreciate, and listen to one another. Lord, please direct my husband to you, to our marriage, to the church, and to Christian men who can be an example to him.

Despite the dire circumstances, I want to keep my word, love my partner, and strive to save our marriage. Lord, I firmly think that this marriage can be preserved and the crisis halted with your assistance. Please help my husband and me to remember why we decided to do this. Help us persevere throughout this difficult time by digging deep.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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