Prayer For My Enemies

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Lord, I praise you because you protect me from those who want to harm me with their words and actions.

I thank you because you have promised that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

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By your word, I refute every tongue that accuses me and rises up in judgment against me (Isaiah 54:17).

Today I pray for my enemies who have plotted against me and have tormented my life. 

Your word in Matthew 5:44 says that I should love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me.

Prayer For My Enemies 2

I pray for my enemies today and ask that you bless them and fill them with your righteousness.

Show them your unfailing love and help them put their trust in you and seek you for anything they desire in life. 

May your Holy Spirit convict their hearts over the unkind things they have done to me and turn their hearts away from evil.

Show them the way to everlasting life and help them to be Christlike.

Give them a heart of repentance so that you can wash their sins away. Help them obey your commands and live a righteous life that pleases you. 

Where their hearts are broken heal them and restore them to wholeness. Somewhere along the way, someone hurt them and they now go around hurting others.

Grant them the grace to open their hearts to you for healing and comfort. Take away the pain in their hearts caused by the words or actions of others. 

Help my enemies put away their weapons of vengeance against me and forgive me where I may have offended them.

Give them your perspective on the situation at hand and show them that two wrongs don’t make a right. Where I am innocent, vindicate me and protect me from their wrath. 

As you set a table for me in the presence of my enemies, help them see that you are the one who delivered me from their evil acts (Psalm 23:5).

When they see how you have blessed me, may they desire the same from you.

Let them see firsthand that you are the God who delivers your children from their troubles.

They too can cry out to you for help and you will rush to their rescue. 

Help me to do good to my enemies and never return evil for the evil they have brought into my life.

Show me how to love them and share the love of Christ with them. It is not easy and I ask that you help me.

I know my reward is great because of being good, kind, and generous to my enemies. 

I leave my enemies in your hands and I ask that you restore everything they stole or destroyed from my life.

Protect me and shield me from their vicious attacks against my life.

Hide me from their evil deeds and may their hateful words not rest on me. 

Turn the attention of my enemies to what you want to do in their lives. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. 

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