Prayer For My Husband To Love Me Again

Words Of Encouragement

Marriage was instituted by God as a means to create units of two formidable individuals that would surmount life’s challenges and fulfill destiny together.

The one thing that we must never forget, however, is that the evil one fights tooth and nail against anything that the Lord ordains.

My dear sister, in the midst of the present cold and chaos, never forget that you have a Father who loves you unconditionally and is ready to listen to you every single time.

Talk to Him and you will find that His Love warms up your heart, leaving no room for bitterness, regret, malice or ill will.

God is good, no matter what.

Tell Him what you want Him to do with Your husband, and He will, as long as you are willing to obey Him and make whatever changes He requires in your own life.

You are immensely loved.

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Dear God,

My heart is troubled, but by faith, I rest in the knowledge that You are aware of every situation I will ever go through.

I thank You for being my Friend and Comforter amidst the loneliness and heaviness that have filled my heart lately. I’m grateful to be Your daughter.

First of all, I confess my failures to You.

I have tried, in my own “wisdom,” to make things work between myself and my husband. Knowingly or unknowingly,

I have put aside Your instruction in Proverbs 3:5 to trust You wholeheartedly and not depend on my own perception. And woefully, I have failed.

Proverbs 3_5 image

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5

So now, Lord, I lift my husband up before You. The chasm between us has widened by the day.

The silence has become unbearable. Father, You know how much I love and miss my husband.

Lord, I pray for restoration.

I want things to return to how they were when we first met, and grow even better.

In Your Word in Joel 2:25, You promised to restore lost time back to us. I hang on to this promise.

Joel 2:25 Bible Verse

So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, The crawling locust, The consuming locust, And the chewing locust, My great army which I sent among you. Joel 2:25

Holy Spirit of the Living God, I ask that You convict my husband of his commitment to me.

Enlighten the eyes of his understanding, so that he can remember and recognize his responsibility to his family.

Lord, rekindle Your Fire in my husband’s heart, because I’m certain that when he burns with love for You, his love for me will also be awakened.

According to Your Word in Romans 5:5, let Your Love explode in his heart.

Romans 5:5 Bible Verse

and hope doesn’t disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:5

Fill him to the full with Your Spirit.

Dear Lord, You know all that we set out to accomplish when we started this journey.

We were each so happy and grateful to have found a partner to ply the path of destiny with.

I need You to prompt my husband and remind him of our goals. Please, open his eyes to see that I am his teammate and not a rival.

Lord, send Your peace that confounds human understanding flooding into our marriage. Let Your healing power come and ease every hurt.

Help me to forgive him for all the hurt, disappointment, and heartache he has caused me.

Bind up my broken heart and fill me with Your strength to carry on.

Finally, Lord, I ask that You teach us both the humility, patience, and permanence of Your unconditional Love as described in 1 Corinthians 13.

I ask especially that You teach me how to be a worthy wife, just like the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31.

I pray in the Name of Love Himself, Jesus Christ.


Prayer For My Husband To Love Me Again (2)

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.?” Romans 8:28  


I pray that you will restore my husband’s love for me and fill his heart to overflowing.

Please forgive me Lord for my shortcomings that may have caused him to love me any less and reveal to him the joy of being my husband.

Help me to change and convict me of things I need to change.

Bring us close again, give us both wisdom and the ability to love each other through your heart and to see each other through your eyes.

Open my husband’s heart and mind.

Thank you, Father, for I pray this in Jesus’ name – Amen.

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39 thoughts on “Prayer For My Husband To Love Me Again”

  1. Ashley wiegand-Boyer

    Thank you for sharing these prayers for women like me, praying daily for their husband to come back. I would like to request a prayer if I can, for my husband Brent and myself Ashley and our marriage. God keeps telling me to fight so that is what I will do is fight and prayer for our marriage to overcome this difficult time. My husband has seemed to lost interest in our marriage, he’s turned to other women, social media and the purchasing of items to fulfill a hole in his heart.

    I ask of you help me pray for my husband Brent Douglas he is suffering, please show him the love I his wife have for him. The house I am trying to make a home, the family we always talked about becoming a reality. Please lord I pray that my husbands eyes be cleared and the scales torn away so he my husband can see lord everything he has right infront of him. The loving and devoted wife who has been faithful and continues to be faithful and forgives her husband for all of the pain and suffering he has caused her. I pray my husbands stone cold heart be flooded with gods love lord and he is drawn to you lord. Please help bring my husband home in his right mind. Please lord let him see me as the women he fell in love with, the women he wanted to have a family with lord. Please lord let all of these thoughts and emotions flood his heart and body and mind lord. Lead him to you lord and draw him near to you lord he needs you now more then ever. Please lord help continue to give me your strength and patience to fight for our marriage as I have. Please lord let me see your direction clearly lord lead me in your path to become a better wife. Fill me with your love lord and your words lord so I can help bring my husband closer to you lord and help heal his heart lord. He needs you now more then ever, he is suffering lord and hurting. Please fill him up with your love, patience and strength to be the good godly man you intended him to be. I’m Jesus mighty name AMEN!

    I appreciate any way you can help pray with me for my marriage to be restored and my husband to return home a godly man. Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hello Ashley. We are committed to praying for you and your husband Brent. We ask the Lord to open his eyes and to rekindle the fire in his heart. That the Lord may move his spirit so that Brent feels the conviction of the Holy Spirit and that his love and passion for you be reignited within him.

      We are also praying for you Ashley. That God may give you the wisdom needed to get through this tough time.

    2. Heavenly Father, I ask for you to shower my husband Gary will your love. He has lost his faith in you Lord. He has allowed his desire for alcohol to consume him every day. Five years he has battled his alcoholism, he has sought out another woman he committed adultery with Lord, and spent ball his time with her abandoning me and our marriage. He tells me he’s lost his love for me and has filed for divorce. He lust after other women now on dating sites. My heart has been broken into millions of pieces Lord and I pray you help me forgive my husband as I have tried. I pray that you will help my husband seek you out Lord and that he will see me, as we were when he had passion towards me and me only. I ask you Lord to rekindle the love my husband had for me and leave his drinking and his emotional affair to return back to me his wife. 17 years I have loved my husband Lord and not once did I abandon my vows or my love for my husband. Lord I am your daughter and you know my pain is very deep, I ask forgiveness for my sins and forgiveness if I have done anything to push my husband away from our marriage. Lord I pray that you will return my husband back to our marriage and love me again. I ask that you intervene Lord and stop this divorce. I know you brought this in incredible man in my life as I prayed for, and we had a beautiful relationship Lord. He suffered two deaths and turned to alcohol which hurt our marriage. He went to another woman last year and that destroyed our marriage and my trust. Lord I know you can heal Gary, I know you can restore his love and passion for me. This I pray Lord, on Jesus name amen.

  2. I also need the help of prayer. My husband Patrick gives nothing of substance to our marriage. He’s so indifferent. When we argue he’s says he’s done. He’s leaving. Every time I believe he looks for all the negative things about me. He says he can’t say our marriage is forever. We’ve been married 33 years but the last 14 have been infidelity with one women back and forth from me to her through these years. In 2019 he told me he didn’t have room in his life for me and he didn’t want to make room. I filed for a divorce. Hung on for 33 years but after hearing that I knew I’d done everything then he got cancer came home that day has recovered completely. Now I believe he’s Lying to me about seeing the other woman it’s kinda up in the air if and when he’s going to leave. Thanks for listening I never really broke it down like that.

    1. Amy,
      I am not sure where ur presently in your journey but all things are possible with God! Believe in Him and His word for a miracle of restoration for your marriage. Pray daily for your husband, build your team of prayer warriors, practice good self care. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Trust in His guidance. You are strong, talented and blessed with many gifts. Embrace that you you are a person of value who is loved. God says you are enough!
      In the upcoming days your heart will feel lighter and you will begin to breathe a little deeper. Much love to you my precious one. Everything will be ok.

  3. We are committed to praying for you and your marriage. we ask that the Lord made this weekend do the love between you and your husband once again. at the Holy Spirit may just come upon him and begin to work in his heart and that he remembers the vows and commitments that you and he made to each other on your wedding day.

    Heavenly Father I ask that you just begin to do the work in this marriage. there was an enemy who is out there looking to destroy the institution of marriage what today Lord I come in agreement with my sister Ashley and declare that the Holy Spirit begins to mend and restore this marriage in the name of Jesus

    1. Dear heavenly father I pray to you to restore my marriage and make my husband to show me his love. And for him to stop the lying and understand that I love him and for him fell in love with a scammer. I want my marriage back and i want my husband back. Make him see the light of your love and tell me stay in my home. I know that he loves me and I want to him to be with me. And work on our marriage and stop get involved with scammer and evil women that dont love him and stop making me play for his mistakes. As if I did something to him. And stop mind games. In love I ask this in jesus name amen.

    2. I’m writing and asking for prayer for my husband Kevin and I. We are so far apart right now. My has MS and we haven’t made love in a year. I understand his condition but it’s like he has given up I don’t know what to do anymore. He don’t do anything with me. Please pray for us I don’t know which way to go.

  4. Please pray for my marriage to be restored. Thursday is my birthday. I want to celebrate my birthday with my husband, and please pray for him to come home permanently for Christmas, in Jesus’ name. Pray that he will celebrate God giving me my doctorate, in Jesus’ name. I pray for a spectacular Christmas season and year 2021 as God remarries us, in Jesus’ name.

    1. Hello Janine,

      We are lifting your marriage up in prayer. Asking that the Lord bring a total restoration in your marriage. In the name of Jesus.

  5. im not sure if this will me seen, but i request for prayers over me and my spouse who are in the midst of a separation, he is confused and he admitted it to me, I have prayed everyday for two weeks nonstop along with fasting but i can not do this alone and i have no prayer sisters, please help me to pray for restoration and for the enemy to not win this battle that i am fighting, I still live with him at the moment and i am taking advantage to pray over him to see that this is not what out lord wants for us, that the things he feels (doubts, confusion, feeling lost) are not of our father…. i have nothing but faith and prayer to run on… We love each other but he feels like our problems cant be fixed, when i know they can through God. Please pray for the Lord to have mercy and to restore what the enemy is threating to destroy once and for all…..

    1. Hello Jojo,

      There is an enemy out there that is looking to destroy what God has called sacred. Today we are standing with you in prayer and believing that God will work and restore your marriage. Father, I ask that you rekindle the fire in both Jojo and her husband. That they may see each other as not only physical partners but as spiritual partners. May your Spirit strengthen the bond that they have and that they may realize that there is nothing impossible for you. We know that there are challenges in every marriage. Some marriages face tougher challenges than others but you are greater than these challenges Lord. I pray that you remove all doubts and confusion from her husband’s mind and that he may rest in the comfort of your Word and divine guidance.

      Heavenly Father, begin to restore their marriage and remove all that threatens this marriage. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. I believe it done and await a praise report.

  6. Please pray for my marriage. I am respecting my husband’s privacy but God knows the details. Please pray also for my relationship with God. I feel lost and unheard, like with my husband’s leaving I don’t matter much too anyone right now.

    1. We are lifting you up in prayer. Asking the Lord to intervene in your marriage. May the Lord restore it and that He may guide you both. I pray for a rekindling of love and romance in your marriage as well. in the mighty name of Jesus.

  7. Dear all, praise God .im oliver from Uganda with two daughters of 7 and 5 years .please pray for me my husband to return back to me genuinely. keeps coming and going back now six years .i have prayed and God always shows me in dreams how bitter he is and yearning to come back in heart.
    i also face the same in heart and some times we share how guilty we are.
    Nothing is changing at all. HE has a second wife now but comes back to me.
    please what can i do? im tired this kind of life. i have cried to God now six years.

    please put in your prayers. im ready to testify this to the whole world to encourage others once God does a miracle for me.
    Thank you.

  8. Thank you for sharing your prayers I am Profoundly moved by prayer number 1. May the years taken from us be returned to us In Jesus name. Pray for my husband of 20yeara that he will encounter Renewed passion and love for God and I that he would overcome his determined stance to divorce and recognise the presence of the three stranded chord binding us together. May all that walls he has erected between us fall down and his eyes be opened to the truth – may he grow to see my faith as something precious, and view we as worthy. Flood our marriage and relationship with peace and kindness. Perform a miracle and bring him home reunite with God and overflowing with love an d passion for his wife.


  9. Thank you for sharing your prayers I am Profoundly moved by prayer number 1. May the years taken from us be returned to us In Jesus name. Pray for my husband of 20yeara that he will encounter Renewed passion and love for God and I that he would overcome his determined stance to divorce and recognise the presence of the three stranded chord binding us together. May all that walls he has erected between us fall down and his eyes be opened to the truth – may he grow to see my faith as something precious, and view we as worthy. Flood our marriage and relationship with peace and kindness. Perform a miracle and bring him home reunite with God and overflowing with love an d passion for his wife.


  10. Thank you for your prayers. I am Sheila and my husband is James. Please pray for our marriage. It is 2:30am i am alone in our bedroom and my husband in the guest room. He doesnt want to sleep in the same room anymore. We have not had sex in over 7 months. No intimacy and i feel so alone. He rejects my advances and doesnt want to work on our marriage of 15 years. I don”t remember the last time he said he loves me. We have 2 teens and i pray that God covers them. I pray God heal and restore us both and our marriage. Pray my husband loves me again amd i can trust and forgive him for all the pain amd infidelity. I almost gave up hope. I ask God to sgow me a sign and then God kead me to your prayers. I will stand and fight for my marriage and trust God.

    1. We are praying for the love to rekindle love and romance in your marriage and that He begins the restoration process. in the mighty name of Jesus.

  11. You pray for my husband Ronnie and is heart will open again for me and have the love that he use to have for me. May the ways of the world be removed from him and let him turn back to the Lord and ask for forgiveness.

      1. Please pray for my marriage. My husband is from Africa and panicked about the government here and ran to Canada almost 3 years ago. Covid and raising 3 kids alone has prevented me from going out there to see him till just recently. The time and distance has driven a wedge between us. This hurts. I just pray that God can save my marriage. I pray that my husband will remember that he loves me and want to come back home. I pray that things will get better. I don’t want to lose my husband or my marriage to end.

        1. We are praying for you and your husband. Asking the Lord to guide your husband and to instill in him the peace of the Lord in his heart.

  12. Vivian Campbell

    Woman of God i thank you for this prayer it’s given me hope that all is not lost.Yes i ask that you keep my marriage in your prayers.God bless you and keep up the good work.

  13. Lord I pray that you will convict my husbands heart to you, change him holy spirit and that our marriage will be saved, I pray that the divorce will be stopped in Jesus name, help me to become a better wife and to trust in you lord with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding, In all my ways acknowledge you lord and you shall direct our paths, thank you lord for answering my prayers. Amen

    1. Lifting your marriage up in prayer Sarah. Asking the Lord to restore and heal your relationship. May the Holy Spirit work in the two of you and that He rekindle the love, passion, and compassion. In the name of Jesus

  14. I ask that you pray for my marriage we both made a lot of mistakes and we still love one another I ask that our hearts and minds be healed and we reconcile our marriage and nobody but God can break it up again. I pray for restoration and a new start with understanding, love and compassion and kindness and respect for ourselves and family. We tried our way I want to true Gods way .

    1. Dear God, I pray for healing and restoration in this marriage. May their love be rekindled and strengthened, and may they follow Your way with understanding, compassion, and respect for each other and their family. Amen.

  15. I ask that you pray that my husbands love and passion for me and our marriage be restored. Pray for our Union to strengthen as God intended when we said our vows. Pray that my husband does not stray again from our marriage searching and seeking other women. Pray that God dwells within my heart to forgive my husbands transgression from our marriage and his thoughts of divorce. I ask for prayer to renew my husbands spirit and that he thirst for the Lord to be in his life. Please pray for Todd to fight for our marriage as I am. Please pray that Todd will be filled and moved with the holy spirit to be able to udder the words “I love you” to once again hold my hand and to reach for me to hug me and be still and be thankful to have each other and especially to God be thankful. I ask for prayer in strength to make me the wife God intended me to be and that I don’t try to fix things on my own but to fully trust in the Lord Almighty that he has this. When we became one through our vows, I take over my husbands prayers for him while he is not able to find his way back to Christ and our Marriage that I claim here this day that I rebuke Satan from my Life, in Christ Jesus Name, I rebuke Satan from Todd, my husband’s life in Christ Jesus Name and I rebuke Satan from my family’s lives and home in Christ Jesus’ name now and forevermore. I ask for prayer that all that is Holy that God hears my prayers and answers them according to his word that he will restore Todd’s love for me and our marriage and will reclaim our vows we took, our love for each other and will heal my husband, Todd so his heart is open to love me Debbie, his wife throughout our days, through fervent prayer and devotion to Christ Jesus. May God’s power of Love heal myself, Todd and our family as ease and lift our suffering so we may live in love and harmony with Christ. Please pray that our children learn from this that nothing can be accomplished except through Christ. Please prayer for a barrier of protection around us as we heal, love and grow on this day and forevermore. Let the past be the past and our love, passions and future be bright as when God uttered the words Let there be light.

    1. Dear God, I lift up this marriage to you and pray for Your intervention. Please restore the love and passion that Todd and Debbie once had for each other and for their marriage. Help them to remember the vows they made to each other and to You, and to find strength in Your love and guidance. Please heal Todd’s heart and help him to resist temptation and remain faithful to his wife and family. May Debbie find it in her heart to forgive Todd and trust in Your plan for their marriage. Strengthen their family and protect them from any harm. I pray that their children may learn from this experience and grow closer to You. May Your love, grace, and mercy shine upon them, and may their marriage be a testimony of Your power to restore and heal. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  16. Melanie Schiffert

    Please pray to God for my husband and I so He can restore our marriage of 37 years. Help him to remember the love he had for me.

    1. Dear God, please hear our heartfelt prayer for this couple’s marriage of 37 years. We ask that you bring restoration to their relationship and rekindle the love they once had. May your divine grace and wisdom guide them toward a renewed commitment to each other. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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